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Homecoming : by Janete

A very sweet Hank x Bobby fic (Beast x Iceman). I just love this pairing, they are so cute together. Bobby comes home to find a very interesting surprise waiting for him. It starts out funny, then gets lemony later! Very slash! These two remind me of Ushio and Tora. The not so noticable Beauty and the Beast pairings are so sweet!

Xmen Evolution

Secret Mission : by Malfoy

Very slash, yaoi, lemon fic. Logan(Wolverine) x Victor(Sabertooth) x Kurt(Nightcrawler), then Kurt x Evan. Logan has a mission, and Kurt wants to help, but does he really know what he's getting into?  Warning, this is an NC17 fic, that means it has male x male x male sex in it. 


The Devil's Deal : by Atlantia (slash Kurt x Paul)

Kurt hides behind his inducer, but finally meets someone he can't hide from. Slash/yaoi fic, I just love this one. Paul may not be a mutent, but he's just right for Kurt's first boyfriend. They are just sooo cute together! Please go read the story if you're a Kurt Wagner fan!

Yu Gi Oh

Love Taught Me : by Chibi Vash

Ryou's with child and he takes this opportunity to try and change Yami no Bakura; the father. SLASH YAOI.


Sunset follows Sunrise : by NineTails

When Bakura is working in the Game Shop, Yami comes in and they re-light an old flame. *Warning: Slight Yaoi - Yami Bakura and Yami Yugi* Very romantic fic. It’s just sweet. And has a bit of a lime in it, but no lemon unfortunately. They get interrupted.


Yu Yu Hakusho  (YYH)

Loose Ends : by Utopian Trunks

Christmas has just passed, and the guys're all taking it easy, for once. So naturally, Koenma does them a favour and gets himself kidnapped (life is never boring in the YuYuKai, na?) It seems like a pretty simple problem to solve: bust in, kick ass, save Koenma and have sake afterwards, but... this time they may be in over their heads. Especially since those they're up against are linked to both Koenma and Hiei's pasts...

One of the only, and definitely the  BEST Koenma x Koashura fic. Yaoi! The God of the Spirit World, and the God of Hell (well, one of the levels anyway). Koashura is a such a cute pink haired demon, kawaii! Teens in this one, love them that way and as cute kids too! Other pairings too.


Unforgettable Fire : by Firestarter

Three days after the end of the Sensui saga, Yusuke is somewhat curious about Hiei. Yaoi, Yusuke x Hiei. Shigure x Hiei in the next two fics to this arc : (As the Sun Sets, and, Grave of Fireflys). This is an amazing fic. Yusuke x Hiei lemon, Shigure x Hiei lemon. NC17. Hiei with a broken heart, angst, grrrr... bad Yusuke, at least Shigure can help him.


Tall Blue Drinks : by Windlily

A very good Hiei x Kurama story. It begins with Hiei getting drunk with Yusuke and Kuwabara and wandering into Kurama's bedroom. Later, Kurama gets in trouble and Hiei has to rescue him. Oh, and Hiei gets to give fox Kurama (he's so cute in this form) a bath, with very loud protests from said fox. Very cute story, read if you are a fan of this couple!


Treat : by Larissa

Yusuke is confused after a battle. When he finds Hiei following him around town, things start to get heated up. I love this fic! It's so cute! The pairings are Kurama x Hiei, Yusuke x Hiei, and hints of Kurama x Hiei x Yusuke and Yusuke x Keiko. Hiei helps Yusuke to understand that love can be between more than two people.

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