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Untitled bandit/lord fic : by Amaryllis Volant

SHONEN AI. May become YAOI. The home of a young lord is overrun by bandits, and their leader finds him interesting. Things happen. Only the prologue's up, but more's on the way


Gilded Cage : by Lady Tempest

(yaoi) A mute young man, the last of a magical race, is kept captive by a sadistic and hedonistic king. Will he ever find freedom, or is death his only escape? (*Finished*) Rating for violence and sexual abuse. Rated R, NC17, Non Con.


Songs of Tears from a Broken Box : by Lady Tempest

(yaoi) A stoic, duty-bound bodyguard must flee the kingdom he serves with its spoiled young prince who otherwise faces certain death from an invading force. Many dangers confront them on their flight to safety, perhaps the most threatening from within.


The Red Bird Society : by Baset

1798 London. Jared is taken in by a rich young lord, only to be caught in the sordid realm of the Red Bird Society. yaoi


Jaded Eyes : by Sorrowful Sparrow

Young Marquis finds himself stolen from the ship La Florencia. Only to find himself captured by the ruthless pirate Jade. Will this pirate ever win the heart of the young Marquis or will he gain only the young boys' seething hatred. (yaoi)


Last Night : by Gryvon

Original. Samhain. Halloween. All Hallows Eve. The night when the veil between the world of the living and dead is at its thinest. Two lovers meet for their last night. It’s enough to make you cry at the end.

An original fic. Two princes are forced to marry, one is a faery and gets pregnant. A very good fic, I just love the prince's servant, an elf with two guys fighting over him. He's such a sweetie!


The Demon Servant : by Vali

Continued from "The Faery Prince." A story mainly about Vilya. Vilia makes a choice about his mate, the twins are born to the two princes.


Eros has the most wonderful original fics. All yaoi.


Angelika : Dorian finds himself captured by Flyers (angel winged men) and taken to their city. There, he learns his purpose is to be Gabriel's consort and childbearer. But, the stubborn boy isn't about to give in without a fight. Can the gentle willed Gabriel convince the boy he loves him? (suggested lemons, some incest in the society, you'll understand when you read it).


Flipside : by Foxcar (*)

One of my favorite furry (yiffy) fics. Slash, about a man who gets transported to an alternate world where weremen (werewolves to us) have evolved, instead of humans. Its a very good fic. Mike finds himself locked up, being studied by werewolves who dress and talk like humans. Weird, no?

It turns out that the werewolf society revolves around the men because the females mate and die in their teens, very few live longer. So, you have a society of gay werewolves who believe that mating is just for procreation, not recreation (most, except the perverts, find mating to be a necessary evil). Mike's adventure is just beginning, and perhaps he'll fall in love along the way (especially with a cute werewolf zoologist named John to keep him company)!  I would rate this fic an R for some of the language, scenes, even when there is only implied lemons.  It is definately a very indepth fic.