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Enjoy these links to my favorite sites!

Fanfiction Archives
(multi-author)  one of my favorite places to find stories from anime (many series), Movie, TV, Books... and more.  Sorted by series.  another good place to get stories, mostly anime by series, but some crossovers with TV and books.
Forever : A nice fanfiction site.  Yaoi and yuri allowed.  Not as many series, but has Anime, Movies, Books, etc.  All ratings.
Slash : Yaoi and Slash fics only.  Many series, Anime, Movies, Books, TV series, more.  A great archive for yaoi and slash fanfiction. : a fanfiction site like  Anime, Cartoons, Movies, Books, more.  Just a hint, check the series that have 0 fics, because sometimes you may find they have fics. 
Adult : This is an ADULT ONLY site.  Fanfiction from many series (set up like  Anime and non.  Yaoi, yuri, het.  All of these fics are rated NC17 or R, so if you are under legal age, do not go here.
First Times a Charm :  a multi-series fanfiction archive dedicated to first kisses, first everything.  Yaoi and slash!

Fanfiction by Series

Harry Potter


Thin Line  :  Severus Snape x Sirius Black archive of slash fics.


Fabulae : this is a great site with lots of fanfiction. Harry Potter (mostly Sirius Black x Severus Snape), Lord of the Rings, and more. I love her Sirius x Severus fics (Rats Alley is my favorite, vampire Snape).


Ron and Draco's Pleasure Pit : An archive for Ron x Draco stories.  Lots of authors!  Yaoi Slash.


Black and White and Shades of Grey : A Draco-centric archive!  Yaoi, slash friendly.  Lots of fics!



Severus Snape mpreg fanfiction.  Mostly slash.  This means all fiction is about Severus being pregnant.  If you don't like that, don't visit this site.  Lots of pairings.


A Remus Lupin x Severus Snape fanfiction archive. 

Inu Yasha


Inu Yasha yaoi and yuri fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, links, and more!  One of the best and only sites dedicated to Inu Yasha yaoi and yuri.  Lots of fics by author and pairing, great doujinshi and images, lots of links!



A Gourry x Zelgadis shrine.  Lots of fanfiction, fanart, contests, and more!  Yaoi.

Ushio and Tora
A sanctuary for Ushio and Tora fanfiction, fanart, images, information, links, music lyrics, and much more!  This is my other site, so if you like Ushio and Tora (a demon hunter and his monster partner... er, they don't always get along), then please visit.  Yaoi, yuri, general.  


Tora-chan's Ushio and Tora page.  She has a lot of info. on the manga and anime, a soundtrack page and more!

Xena and Hercules (non anime)

AresJoxerCupidStrife: A site dedicated to the pairings of Ares, Joxer, Cupid, Strife. Slash. Mostly Ares x Joxer, Cupid x Strife. Lots of fics by many authors.



Joxer Luvs Ares archive of slash fanfiction!  All Joxer x Ares or Ares x Joxer fanfiction.  Slash!

Images by Series

Harry Potter


This site has a lot of young James, Severus, Sirius, and Remus images. Other HP characters too. Slash, James x Severus, Sirius x Remus. Severus is so pretty in this site, very cute! I love the anime-style artwork and doujinshi.




Dog Days: a Harry Potter yaoi doujinshi by Deanna Echanique

Remus x Severus. A doujinshi from when they first met to the Shreiking Shack incident. Very nice style! Slash!


Multimedia : Music, MP3s, Videos...


Anime Kitchen: a great place to find anime MP3s.


Shadabadanime : great Anime Videos. Watch the beginning and ending songs for anime in Japanese, Arabic, Italian, or German. Lots to choose from! Some great gif animations too!


Multi-Anime (categories and links to many sites)

Anime Web Turnpike : one of the biggest places to find links to anime by series and more! Fanfiction, Fanart, Music, and more categories to search!


Slash Database Project:  find slash fics and sites using the search provided, some anime, mostly TV series and Movies slash.  Includes Gundam Wing, Saiyuki, Ushio and Tora, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more.