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Inu Yasha

My Favorite Fairytale : by Sunsinger

Inu/Sess. What if the "I hate you!" "I'll kill you." stuff was all a misunderstanding, one deliberately fostered by the Inutaichou. Inu Yasha goes into heat and finds out he’s Sesshomaru’s true mate.


A Tiger’s Call and a Dog’s Howl : by YaoiKaiba

Sesshoumaru finds a tiger demon half was slaughtered by human and left to die on a tree. What will Sesshoumaru do about it? Yaoi.


A Youkai's Tail : by Goku the Paladin (*)

A cute yaoi Sesshomaru x Miroku AU fic. Sesshomarus father brings him a gift. Oh, and a very cute child Inu Yasha in here too!


Hungry Like the Wolf : by Missfortune (*)

Kouga x Shippou (wolf boy and fox boy from Inu Yasha). Yaoi. "Kouga is on the prowl for a mate and stumbles across a now teenage Shippou. Will Kouga put the moves on our favorite fox demon?"  My favorite IY fic!


Purification :by Missfortune

Yaoi/Shounen-ai. Kohaku/Souta (from Inu Yasha). Souta goes with his sister Kagome to the Sengoku Jidai, but things become complicated when he is kidnapped by Kohaku.


Secrets Spoken : by ZzoaozZ

Miroku accidently reveals his secret when Sesshoumaru and Inu Yasha are fighting. Sesshoumaru catches up to him later and claims the human monk for his own. Rin loves her new mommy. This is such a cute fic and has a short lemon too. Yaoi.