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Recommended fics from the Gundam Wing anime series.  Yaoi.  Usually 1x2, 3x4, 2x5, 6x5, 13x5, or 13x6x5. 


The PurFect Spell : by Katt-chan

(5x6x13) Zechs and Treize bought a kitten from a fortune-caster, but what's this?! Little kitty Wufei turns into a boy at night! O_O There's a spell on him, and there's a catch to it! (please read, kinda cute! ^^)


The Betroythal : by Elyse

Basically, Heero's and Duo's parents have set them up to be married. Needless to say, neither of them is very happy about it... Until they meet each other.  M/M,Lemon,Shonen-Ai, NC17.


After the Dance : by krysrobin

Five years ago, the war ended and the Gundams were destroyed. The pilots have new lives. What happens when they are called upon to fight again? M/F,M/M,Lemon,Yaoi


Shinigami’s Stage; Behind the Jester’s Mask : by Michikaru

[new]1x2-3yrs Duo is missing, and now Heero about to marry Relena. Meet Solo Maxwell who is about to change all that with an invitation to a Family Reunion where the four ex-gundam pilots will meet Duo once more. But something bad had happened those 3yrs.


Memories of a Bloody Past : by Nita-sama

Duo is a nameless demon that was once a heartless murderer of the innocent. Heero is a warrior who is set on making the demon pay for his wicked ways. When he finally confronts the demon, he finds that he has lost his memory. Is this a trick or is something really amiss?

Garou : by Asuka Kureru

Returning from a mission, Heero cuts through a wood and has an encounter which will definitely change him... Werewolves, a very cool fic.  Poor Duo is the last one left human though, sigh.  Eventual yaoi (1+2, 3+4) eventual lime/lemon (various)

A Matter of Good Sense : by Michalyn

Stoic, sensible Wufei is unlike any other in the magical kingdom of Eires. Content with his job and his books, his life is perfect until his world is turned upside down by a proposal from the charming emperor of Rossetti. 13x5, Treize x Wufei, 3x4, Quatre x Trowa, and 1x2, Heero x Duo (eventually).


1x2x1. After the wars Duo accidently wraps his car around a tree... and then Shinigami appears and makes him an offer he can't refuse. The chance to live again. A very good fic, complete!


Explaining to the Preventioners : by KCbakaneko

Sequel to fic below. Duo wants to finds out who Wufeis boyfriend is.  5x13, other yaoi pairings.


A Happy if Farfetched Ending for Wufei and Treize : by Kcbakaneko

When Wufei prays to his ancestors for a gift, guess who shows up. 5x13, one of my favorite couples! That means Wufei x Treize!


The Circle of Destiny : by Phoenix

AU. King Treize decides to reward his most loyal servants with a gift. 1x2, 3x4, 6x5, 13xOC. Mostly yaoi, lots of lemons. This is a good fic and I can't wait to see the next chapter for it.


Maxwell's Demon : -have to scroll down to the fic

Relena thinks she knows a terrible secret about Duo, but will anyone believe her? One of my favorite 1x2 (Heero x Duo fics) of all time. 1x2, 3x4, 13x6x5, staring the God of Death himself, Shinigami!


The Confessor series : -look under Annabell

Captain Heero Yuy and his group are assigned to capture a creature whose touch can bring pleasure or pain. 1x2. A great AU fantasy series, and guess who Duo Maxwell is! Continued in Mord-Sith (the sequel).

See the comic version of this fic HERE


Truth or Dare  :  by Arigatomina, 1x2 (Heero x Duo)

Relena's game of truth or dare puts Duo's love to the test, and Heero is forced to deal with the concequences. Will the princess finally come between them, or will Heero reveal his true feelings before Duo takes one dare too many?


An Island Unto Themselves : (13x5) by Roo

A crash leaves Treize and Wufei stranded together on a deserted island. Wufei is forced to put aside his pride and let Treize help him. Zechs arrives to rescue Treize and is forced to bring Wufei back to Oz too.


A Taste of Paradise : (13x6x5) by Roo

Treize is injured in battle and goes to a secluded cabin to rest. When Zechs and Wufei both arrive, they are unsure of how to treat each other, their lover's other lover. Can the two pilots overcome their distrust of each other long enough to make sure Treize is alright? Another sweet story by Roo. 13x6x5! This is another of my favorite pairings. Lots of lemons and love!


The Prize : 13x5, by Roo

It's the end of the war, Oz won. Wufei becomes a peace prize for Treize, and little does he realize what he's getting into. I just love this story and pairing. Wufei finds himself being taught Latin and Greek, as well as how to play the piano and dance. Can he put aside his pride, or will he fight Treize till the bitter end. 13x5! It's such a sweet story.

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