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Ushio and Tora

Jaws that Bite, Claws that Catch : by Ysabet

(Absolutely my Favorite Ushio and Tora fic!) (***)

What happens when holding on to your humanity is no longer an option? Ushio finds out just what it's like to have fur and claws.....


Twany Tora : by Jessiy Landroz

Tora is turned into a child.  Cute!  PG13.


A Truce of Two Moons : by Ysabet (**)

A tale from early in Ushio & Tora's partnership, concerning the likenesses of monsters and men..... and what they like to do at parties.  (My second Favorite Ushio and Tora fic)


The Oldest Profession : by Ysabet

Well, first off, it's not about what the title would have you THINK it is..... Wanted: Bakemono to fill position at local shrine; good rates, room and board provided. Please contact head priest and provide references... no ningen-devourers need apply... 

Ysabet is my favorite Ushio and Tora fic writer!  She's non-yaoi and does great in-depth and in-character work!


Mere Wickedness : by Ysabet

A soliloquy; Tora considers his past and the reasons why he hasn't eaten Ushio just yet.


Sempai : by Ysabet

Another soliloquy, a companion-piece to 'Mere Wickedness' -- but from Ushio's point of view.


Broken Dawns : by Jessiy Landroz

After the last battle, Ushio thinks on his lost monster partner.  Very sweet, I like this one.  Some Ushio x Asako hints too. 


Trouble Island : by Jessiy Landroz

A story about tora after being set free... and meets another of his own kind?? used to be known as 'a story about Tora'


Stars Overhead : by Ysabet

A somewhat weird songfic of mine, concerning post-trauma stress and how you deal with it; a little angsty, but not too rough. Takes place during the manga, not the anime.....  Ushio's POV on the journey and his weird partner. 


Secret of the Beast Spear : by Becky Tailweaver

While an evil youkai stalks them, Ushio and Tora stumble across the secrets surrounding the origin of the Beast Spear--with terrifying results! (AU, based only on the anime!


500 Years : by Sierra-Falls

About Tora's thoughts during his time in the Aotsuki cellar


These Things Happen : by Sierra Falls

There are not enough Ushio and Tora fics out there, so here's my contribution. As you may or may not like it, this story happens a year after Ushio's death. Tora comes back to find himself knee deep in a new cartload of brats.


Boy Meets Beast : by Raihne  (*)

Tora has a nightmare and is beginning to look at Ushio in a new light. Yaoi! I love this fic, one of the few good yaoi Ushio and Tora fics on the net. I can't wait for an update!  (My 3rd Favorite Ushio and Tora fic)


Weiss Kreuz

Ken’s Stalker : by Deena

Ken's greatest fan is stalking him, so he turns to Youji for help. Yaoi. Funny, 3+.


Persistance of Memory : by Scarlet Fever

It's been four years since the end of Schwarz and Weib. Omi finds Nagi in a coma and begins to visit him. Slowly, he begins to realize his feelings for the telekinetic even though Nagi is unable to return them. This is such a good story. Farfarello and Schuldich are both in another hospital after the accident and Brad is dead. This is a NxO, SxF fic, and a very sweet ending as well!


Harusame : by Tenken no Miko

Omi and Nagi meet after Schwarz and Weib have disbanded. Will they be able to get over their past and find true happiness. This is such a sweet Omi x Nagi shounen ai story!


Brad Crawford x Schuldig x Aya

An unexpected sight at the grocery store leaves Aya vulnerable to Schuldig's plans. But, Schuldig doesn't expect to start having feelings of the Weiss redhead, especially when he's in love with Brad Crawford. Aya is stuck in the middle as Brad decides to get in on the fun of driving the redhead crazy, with unexpected results. What can Schuldig and Brad do to turn their game into reality; to make Aya not only their sometimes lover, but a real part of their relationship?

(A great Weib yaoi fic. Threesome pairing, lemons, and some violence. Rated R and NC17. One of my current favorite Weib Kreuz stories!)

Wolf's Rain
Territory : by xpennyroyalx
Yaoi[TsumexToboe and HigexKiba] Sequel to 'Ruining the System.' Tsume and Toboe talk about their relationship, bicker about their relationship, then consummate their relationship..


Ruining the System: by xpennyroyalx

Yaoi[TsumexToboe] Toboe ruins the system, and Tsume explains it to him. A short and fluffy(not to mention romantic) take on how the wolves interact. This is a cute fic!


Valse De La Lune : by Keir

Tsume + Toboe.  Could you refuse one dance? I love this fic, yaoi!


Light at the End : by Minerva_Solo

[Wolf's Rain] Set between episodes 6 and 7. Tsume questions himself and the others in the darkness of the tunnel. Tsume x Toboe suggested, I like this fic!


The Great Divide : by Amethyst Maiden (Amet)

Yaoi pairing : Tsume x Toboe. On the journey, the wolf pack finds a hidden paradise. Fishing and playing and love find their way into the lives of the four wolves. (if you dont know, the wolves can turn human too and tend to be wolf part of the time and human the other part). Toboe is my favorite! Hes such a sweetie and hates to hurt anyone, kinda weird for a lone wolf, but I adore him!

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