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Peter Pan

One Wish : by Kytten

(Peter Pan X-over) (Slash) Peter and Rufio get into an argument and Pan makes a wish. Of course he didnt mean it but Jareth is not one to give up a prize.

Enfants de Sang : by Enola

Two pirates pay the price when they discover Peter Pan's sinister secret. Fox's Peter Pan, written in response to BillieJukes's vampire challenge.


Peter Hook : by Enola

Companion to the Kidnapped Series: A collection of short stories about Peter Hook's life between Captive and Found.


Forgiveness : by Enola

I’m beyond redemption. I never forgave Peter, and he paid for it with his life. How can he possibly forgive me for the sin I committed against him? How can I ask for something I couldn’t give a child?

Dementia : by Enola

Hook gets his wish, now he gets to deal with ten traumatized consequences. Based on Fox's PP&P. Violence/angst.

About Crocodiles and Other Strange Creatures : by Dina

Hook and Pan forge an uneasy truce, maybe friendship. This story is Gen and the rating is low, but there'll be a sequel with higher rating. And slash M/M (Adult site, 18+ only)


Pirate Dreams : by SheraCrawler

PETER PAN: Peter decides to grow up in hopes of winning Wendy's love, but finds that his old life won't give up on him so easily. [Pan/Hook, AU, slash]


The Forever Boy : by London Below

Hook/Pan. When Peter gets back from London, Hook is waiting. Hook claims Peter Pan. Movie slash, NC lemon, Adult NC 17.


Undone : by Seizure Squirrel

[Slash]Peter Pan has left Neverland, leaving desolate. Hook is lost and Peter, now older, has forgotten his past. Hook must go to London and find Peter before it's too late for Neverland and himself.

The Screaming of Coneys : by Thyme

A very interesting look at James Hook. What he thinks of Peter Pan and what Neverland really is. Very good story.


Everland : by Riio

A good, but slightly disturbing story. Peter Pan, Lost Boys, and Billy are stranded on a new island. Very dark content. PG 13.


Who Would Remember Me : by Sadistic Cow

Mild Slash. Nibbs contemplates suicide. Slightly stops him once, but will Nibbs make the final choice to live?


First Kiss : by Dendraica

Peter Pan and the Pirates. Billy x Slightly slash. Billy learns about thimbles and Slightly learns what a kiss really is. Very short and sweet slash. PG 13.


Windows : by Raven

Not really slash. Peter visits Hook one night. Hook and Peter come to an uneasy truce as Peter talks about his past and his mother. A lot of Peter angst and depression, but he gets over it. Very good fic.


Choosing Sides : by Raven

A very good fic. Peter finds out that Slightly is friends with Billy and banishes him. Hook saves Slightly's life, and Slightly remembers his past. Slightly won't betray his friends and has to stay on the pirate ship.

(This fic can also be found at this Link)


Liar : by Green and Silver

Hook x Peter slash, if you don't want to see that, don't read it. Hook catches Peter, but arguing ends in a kiss. Feeling confused, Hook lets Peter go free, but Peter doesn't want to leave. PG13


Kidnapped 1  (Taken): by Enola

Hook finally comes up with a plan to have his revenge once and for all. With help from a fey who also wants Peter gone, he prepares for the day Peter and Neverland will be separated forever.


Kidnapped 2  (Captive): by Enola

Peter is now aboard the pirate ship and Hook isn't going to let him go. Bound by a magical spell that keeps the two together, will Peter ever be able to go back to Neverland?

Peter starts getting better and Hook intends to see him grow up to be a fine pirate. Between lessons, chores, and pranks, will Peter be able to best Hook or will Pan finally kill them both? A great story! I just love the relationship that grows between Hook and Peter, hint, like father like son.


Kidnapped 3 (Found): by Enola
Part 3: It's been 6 years since Peter was taken away from everyone he loved.

Dementia: by Enola

When Hook finally kills Peter Pan, something very unexpected happens. With Neverland gone, the pirates (along with the lost boys) are adrift on an unknown ocean.

But, what is this? Peter isn't dead? Hook has a change of heart when his hand returns, and decides to care for the boys on the ship, especially Peter who has been driven to madness. Will the boy ever be the same again and will Neverland ever reappear? A very good story still in the works!