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Recommended fics from the Harry Potter category.  Mostly slash.

Main Pairings
(The fics below contain 2 or more pairings, and Misc. pairings)


Shut Up and Smile : by roxierose13

**ONE SHOT** It's the end of the year party. Some people are drunk and some are not as they seem. ;) [Blaise/Seamus] WAFF,Yaoi,Slash,Lemon


When I Said It’s Good To Have An Active Fantasy... : by Metafrantic

Ninja!Snape. No, I'm not kidding. Someone on the Discussion Boards at Restricted Section begged me to write this. Blame them. Language,Parody


Forced Vacation : by Jadzia

Severus is not taking care of himself and only Bill seems to notice. Slash. NC17.


Little Devil : by Jazz1

While in the Forbidden Forest, Hagrid finds a young half demon and brings it home. He names it Severus.


A Bad Dream : by Isidore13

Tom Riddle and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dream. This is just so cute! Pairing : Harry x Tom. Very funny too.


Exotic : by Horusey

In a different world Harry is drawn out of his solitude and sold as an exotic magical creature to the Dark Lord. Slash, malepreg, AU, threesomes & foursomes, so be aware.  NC 17.

For Our Parents Willed So by Eleonora1 (*) (*)

Peter and Remus have been prepared to their prearranged marriage ever since they were five. So, it's hard for them to understand why Sirius and James hate their fiances.
Can the couples work out their differences? SLASH RLPP, JPSS, SBLM.


Meet The Future : by NormalGirl

James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter are a bunch of 16-year-old perverts.  What happens when an accident sends them into the future? Where will they go?  What will they do? And...who the hell is 'Harry Potter?
Only Time : by Frk-werewolf
Arranged marriage. Contracts. Ruined Life. Possible Romance.  DracoNeville [warnings: slash, language]


Daddy for a Year : by Cofi

Severus needs(forced) to take care of a 5 year old child with amnesia, who looks exactly like him, but he is NOT Snape's son!

The Annoyance of Severus Snape : by ac1d6urn

Severus Snape acquires an annoyance in the form of Bill Weasley. (slashy undertones)


Unforseen Complications : by Raihne

When Harry stumbles upon an old graveyard and a childs grave with a very suspicious name who can he turn to? Does the grave have something to do with Snape's ever chilling attitude? Or Harry's odd dreams? And why does Malfoy keep looking at Harry like he's seen a ghost? Remus x Severus, Draco x Harry, slash. Great story!


Moonshadows : by Eggbert

A trip into the Forbidden Forest has some interesting repercussions for Severus and Neville. Slash, Neville is a professor now too, of Herbology. Severus x Neville.


The Tao of Diogenes : by The Treacle Tart

Slash. The war is finally over and two veterans meet again for the very first time. Ron Weasley x Severus Snape. This is a very good slash fic and it really got me seeing the pair together for the first time.

A Kind of Everything : by Lilith Connor

Snape/Lucius: At the final battle, a distraught Snape looks over his dark relationship with Lucius Malfoy. The first really good fic written with this pairing. Starts out light, then gets darker.


Playtime : by Keieru

This is a Slytherin backstory, featuring the (much) younger set. Play nice, boys. Not slash, though most of her fics are. Very cute childhood story, Draco meets two new friends.


The Worst Possible Choice : by Orithain and Rina

AU - Sirius was sorted into Slytherin like every Black before him, but not even that can blind Remus to his attractions. Slash, NC17.


Open Mind : by Keieru

Fluff: Seamus gets a bit catty, and it's all Dean's fault. Unsubtle preslashiness. Cute!


Coils of Gold : by Crymsyn

A very good slash fic. Severus x Harry, Draco x Ron, other pairings slash and non. The death of one dark lord brings about the rise of another. It starts out dark, but ends light. I really enjoyed reading this one. Rated NC17 for lemon situations and captivity, oh and male pregnancy too.


Severus's Nephewsby Solo_Chang (***)

This is a Severus x Sirius, Harry x OC, Draco x OC, slash pairings, fic. I just love it!

Snape's nephew Loki decides to transfer to Hogwarts. Loki and his computer wizard friends, along with Snape, Sirius, and Remus, spend the summer across the street from Harry. Harry enjoys his summer and a certain someone...cough, Draco, cough, ends up staying there too. Not a Draco x Harry fic, but it is still very good.


A Sex-Ed Lesson : by Lady Feylene

A very funny Harry Potter fic, with just a bit of suggested yaoi, yuri, and general. Snape loses a draw and has to teach the students Sex-Ed, extremely funny!