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Remus x Severus

The main pairing is Remus x Severus.  Love these fics.  Severus is my favorite Slytherin!


He’s My Mate : by DrawFire

Remus is in heat... Too bad no-one told Snape that...


Conceivable Visions : by Damsel 13

A drunken one-night-stand leaves Snape pregnant with Lupin’s child. Matters are complicated by talk of prediction and prophecy and wizarding saviours, throwing the two old enemies into a mutually despised situation


Give or Take a Century : by The Treacle Tart

SLASH - Sometimes it's just better not to ask the questions in the first place. SS-RL. Quite funny actually, and more of suggested slash than anything else.


Some Snupin Silliness : by Sea Priestess

Remus staggers home, more than a little tipsy, and makes unreasonable demands of his exasperated lover. Fluffy slash. SSRL


Heart of the Night : by Eleonora1

Voldemort finds out that Severus is a spy, and decides to punish him with a fate worse than death. Severus has to come to terms with a whole new destiny, future, and position.  And Remus is the only one who can help him with it. Eventual SLASH Remus Lupin Severus Snape.


Detention Club, Little Red Ridinghood :

by Eleonoral

Because they get so many detentions, the Marauders get a new assignment, accompanied by Lily and Snape. The Detention Club's version of Little Red Ridinghood pushes the whole school off tracks.  SLASH RLSS


The Way of the World : by McKay

After the war, Remus tells the wizarding world to sod off and goes to live as a Muggle, and three years later, Severus comes looking for him, wanting to know how to do the same thing. Slash, Remus Lupin x Severus Snape. A great long fic!


Hidden Memories : by Diana Williams

A rather sweet slash Remus x Severus fic. When Snape suffers from amnesia, Lupin reluctantly offers him a safe haven.


Better Late than Never : by Lilith Connor

Snape/Lupin. Set in PoA, Snape has revealed Lupin's secret to the school. An angry Lupin wants a personal confrontation. A very good fic. I adore these two together.


One of the best Harry Potter fics out there! Severus was pregnant with Remus's child, but believes his baby died at birth. Years later, he finds out that Albus lied and is reunited with his child. I won't tell anyone who the child is, but I love who it turns out to be.

Very good story, some lemons. Yes, Harry, Draco, Ron, and Hermoine are in the fic too, so please enjoy reading it!  Nc17.