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Sirius x Severus

Currently my favorite Severus pairing.  The pair just hate each other, or do they?  Sirius Black x Severus Snape


A Change of View : by Julia the Younger

Dumbledore decides Severus and Sirius need to learn to get along and decides a trip back to their fifteen year old selves might just do the trick.


Deepest Bonds : by Eleonora1

Sirius is brought back from the Veil to find the War over, Harry grown-up, Remus dead, and Snape - his personal slave. Lucius has done his last nasty deed, and Sirius and Snape have to deal with their differences from very unequal positions. SLASH SSSB


Snape’s Best Memory : by Saridout

Snape's mysterious pensieve memory wasn't a bad memory at all, but the beginning of another story. Young Severus & Sirius SBSS. Rated for future scenes. This is a sweet fic so far. Sirius isn’t so bad, but James is such a bully in this one. Well, I guess they both are.


Dolo Delectare : by Fabula Rasa

While making a potion, Sirius Black adds a wrong ingredient and Severus Snape is stuck with the consequences. NC17, lemons, slash, SB x SS.


Repechage : by Fabula Rasa

Snape/Black, NC17: How Snape and Sirius ended up in a relationship in "misericorde.html". Although it's chronologically a prequel, it was written as a sequel and should be read after Misericorde. I love all her Sirius x Severus fics! Check out the rest of her site and fics!


On the First Day of Christmas : by Rina and Angyl

A young Severus Snape x Sirius Black fic. Sirius gets presents from a secret admirer. I really liked this slash fic.