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Percy x Oliver

This is such a cute pairing.  Percy Weasley x Oliver Wood!


What if Percy really didn't want to work at the Ministry?

Naked Truths by FuzzyCat

Percy and Oliver slash fic. Percy has issues with his body, thinking no one wants to touch him the way he wants. A visit to the locker rooms after Quidditch practice reveals someone who does. Guess who.


Working For Percy Weasley by Meg-Of-The-Moon

Au. After Hogwarts. Percy's Secretary, Bonnie Eads, notices her boss is changing now that his old friend is coming to visit. Will the rest of the Ministry cotton on?

Percy Weasley's Lonely Hearts Club Band : by A-Hard-Days-Night

After graduation Percy decides to go to the Quidditch World Cup to inform Oliver that he fancies him.  PercyOliver slash. Post POA. NO HBP SPOILERS


Choice : by Teague

Very sad fic about Percy committing suicide. He’s given a choice and sees the pain it brings his family. Slight Percy x Oliver. This is a very good, but sad fic. What choice does he make? Live or die? You’ll just have to read and find out.


Dancing 1: by Teague (***)

My favorite Oliver x Percy fic. Charlie and Bill take Percy to a nightclub. But, what happens when Percy has one drink too many and Oliver shows up? Great fic! No lemon though.


Dancing 2 : Teague

Oliver and Percy have to face Christmas with the Weasley family. Will their relationship be exposed? Slash.


A Strange Encounter : by donotsrock

While Harry is under the influence of Polyjuice Potion, he has a strange encounter at night… Oliver x Percy slash, HP x ? (girl) suggested.


Glad You Told Me : by Waiting for my Soulmate

Oliver x Percy. Oliver’s been playing pranks again and Percy is going to confront him about it. One thing leads to another. PG13. This was sweet!


Something’s Gotta Give : by Pears

Oliver likes to be naked. This poses a few problems for Percy. Very cute fic about Percy and Oliver. Slash.


No Matter What : by Eggbert

Percy has to choose between what everyone expects of him and following his heart. m/m slash (non-graphic) and a fair bit of fluffiness. Oliver x Percy, so sweet!


Everything to Everyone : by Kimague

What if Percy really didn't want to work at the Ministry? Slash Oliver x Percy. I really like this fic. I wish the author would write a sequel to it, these two are so sweet together, they make a great couple. Lots of angst on Percys part, but Oliver helps him learn to just be himself and not try to be something he is not.