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Harry x Draco

The "Boy who Lived" and the Prince of Slytherin.  I think this is so cute!  Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy.


I Tauwght I Taw a Putty Tat! by angeltread

In a freak Potions mishap, Harry is turned into a tiny kitten! To make matters worse, Draco is assigned as SLASH


Betrayal : by Miss Lesley

Draco and Harry were lovers. Someone framed Draco for a crime he did not commit. Alone, magicaless, and pregnant Draco begins a new life. MPREG (Harry/Draco)


Deny Thy Father : by Indigo Kitti

On the eve of his seventeenth birthday Draco's mother tells him of her shrouded past and his real father. Now, desperate to find his mate before it's too late Draco must look in the most unlikely of places. (veela!Draco, slash) HP x DM.

Till Death Do Us Part : by Anna Michelle
Some had said that the forced marriage of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy would lead up to death and destruction on one or both their parts. Well, some people are idiots, but they may have a point. SLASH


Two People Fell In Love :

by Shiny Ryuichi Sakuma

Seventh year has begun and Voldemort is dead. Harry realizes that he can't return to living normally, not like his friends. Hiding within himself, he finds there's only one other who is going through the same thing; Draco Malfoy.  Eventual SLASH YAOI. HD


Milk is My Sugar : by Michael Serpent

Harry does something very stupid and ends up protecting Malfoy from the lust-crazed fellow students. He also decides to help the ranting and paranoid Malfoy to find his mate. Slash Harry x Draco.  Veela Draco fic.


Deus Ex Machina : by Silvia

Draco's got a foolproof, long-ranging plan and he's thought of EVERYTHING. Bizarre, cute, and hilarious. Slash, Harry x Draco. Very funny fic.


Hints : by Alanus

Draco loves Harry. He starts exchanging letters with Harry, and Harry falls in love with him too (although he doesn't know who his secret admirer is). Very good fic. The ending is so funny. NC 17 for lemons. Slash


Gate of Roses : by Spinny Roses
A crossover Harry Potter x Utena.  Harry Potter comes to Hogwarts in his first year and sees a blond haired boy who disappears.  Who is the other boy and what do the rose ring and a diary have to do with an experiment that claimed the life of a student years ago?  Who is Draco Malfoy and what is the power of the End of the World?  Sort of slashy, Harry x Draco, but also a very close friendship.  Good story!