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James x Severus

One of my all time favorite pairings.  James Potter x Severus Snape.


Ocean of His Heart : by Drachengreif (1+)

Severus is two years younger than the rest of his schoolmates at Hogwarts, but nobody knows. At age fourteen he gets raped and soon discovers that he's pregnant. He does a timehalting spell on the foetus so that nobody knows about it, finishes school and vanishes afterwards, Eleven years later Sirius Black and James Potter meet him at Diagon-Alley before Olivanders wand shop. Just as Sirius starts a fight Severus son Harry leaves the shop and he looks remarkably like... (JP/SS)


Don’t Ask of Me : by LadyBird

Severus Snape and James Potter - famous for their rivalry. But there is also anoher story. Severus Snape remembers James Potter as he works to keep Harry safe. A great, but sad slashy fic!


Of Magic and Life : by SeptinaStar

AU.  What if James Potter and Severus Snape were friends? And what if their world was different than it is here? (no slash, I think)


A Rival’s Kiss : by dumple

James and Severus discover more about each other - more than loathing and hate - as their years pass at Hogwarts.


The Marauder and the Toy : by Madwriter (***)

AU, Marauder Era. James helps a Slitherin in need. JP/SS, SB/RL, mentions of rape, abuse M/M, NC17


Dawning Truths : by Sorsha Vero

These first chapters tell a story of lust and love between two of our favorite enemies Severus Snape and James Potter. This story also includes one other… "The one who may not be named." Eventually There love will be torn apart with a greater power…hate. And their love will be turned into a twisted game of revenge…for the next generation.

Starts off good, but it seems that James will always choose Lily over Severus, even if he loves them both.


Dorian : by Quaxo

An accident occurs in the dungeons.  Hints of LM/SS, AnD/SS, ER/SS, RoL/SS, and SS/JP.  James Potter realizes Severus Snape the same insensitive and uncaring boy he seems to be.  Slash suggested.


Bindings : by Isilme

Hogwarts celebrates St. Valentine's Day, with a few of Dumbledore's surprises thrown in to complicate things. One of the few good young James x Severus fics, with a bit of Sirius x Remus.