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Ben 10


(by Ice-Song) Ben is taken into space in order to protect him from races who wish to take the Omnitrix for their own reasons. There he meets representitaves from each of the ten races represented by the watch and he learns about each one as they all learn about him. (not slash)

Biker Mice from Mars

The Chemicals Between Us

(by Genkibat) Biker Mice from Mars. An alternate take on Vinnie's history, and his time at a millitary academy. Warning: This is SLASH and has some fowl language.

Danny Phantom

A Confession

(by Ice-Song) Danny confesses his abilites to his parents after he is cornered and forced to save their lives. [One shot]

Legend of Zelda

Kiss in the Dark

(by Mewlon) Dark Link was created for one sole purpose: to kill the Hero of Time. But what happens when his feelings get in the way? Dark Link x Link. Warning: yaoi! One of the few yaoi Dark Link x Link stories. If you've ever seen any images of these two, you know they just look cute together!



(by Marih Dimitri) Oneshot. Depression sinks in as Rev ponders about his dreams and desires. Tech knows Rev's pain and he just might heal him. Pairing: TechRev Loonatics

Teen Titans

Run Away

(by Zakuyoe) Beast Boy feels left out and runs away, and leaves Robin a very confusing letter. BeastBoyRobin. Finished... Slash, yaoi.