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Kitty boy Ed are my favorite fics!  Kawaii!

Beach : by Spades 44

The entire beach situation could have been much better had Edward been on this mission alone, and not accompanied by half of the sodding military unit,
including Mr-Pain-In-The-Butt Colonel Mustang himself.  CONTAINS YAOI .[Roy x Ed] [Al x Winry] [Havoc x Fury]

The Truth is Hard to Accept :

by chibi_baka_neko

How it all began? they're not sure, yet now they are more than just enemies, they share a bond no one has with them. Though Envy acknowledge it, Ed doesn't want to. Will he ever? EnvyxEd First HagaRen fic! Yaoi!

Dark Humor : by FelisDeityus

EdxEnvy, mpreg:  Envy plays a prank on Ed and ends up pregnant.  How will Ed and Al deal with this situation?  Yaoi.  NC17, adult.


Furry Madness : by Kalika Maxwell (***)

You have cat ears," said Edward, slowly. (Crackfic, or the fun one can have with alchemical incidents.) Shonen ai -ish.  Love it!  Definately Roy x Ed hints.


A Thorough Study : by Gryvon

Fullmetal Alchemist. Ed turns his academic skills to a study of seduction. Yaoi.


A Perfect Morning : by Andrea Weiling

Yaoi, one-shot. Ed wakes up before Roy one morning. A very beautiful fic.

The Notebook : by Nalavashi

Winry writes a romance story with Ed as the main character. What happens when a certain colonel gets his hands on it? (Drabble) (Yaoi - RoyxEd) This one is so cute!


Coming Around : by Avmin  (***)

Roy x Ed. FMA. How the pair go from hate, to like, to love. Lemons, NC17. It’s one of the best yaoi Full Metal Alchemist fics I’ve read.