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Fruits Basket

So many pairings, so little time!  My favorite character is Kyo (Meow!), in any yaoi pairing.

Somewhere In Between : by Triste

A great Haru x Kyou fic. Yuki and Tohru are together, Haru and Kyou start to get to know one another. One thing leads to another, kisses and missunderstandings. Will Kyou ever trust Haru enough to be his boyfriend? Read and find out!


Sexy in a Skirt : (Haru x Kyou), by Triste

Yuki had to where a girl's uniform last year, now it is Kyou's turn. And he looks even better! After dealing with the fans for the day, Kyou tries to hide in the bathroom, but gets caught by Black Haru. NC 17, Lemon, Yaoi

by Lishy the Po (scroll down to see all fics)

My favorite story in the Arc is Reasons to be Beautiful. This is the first Shigure x Kyo story that really interested me. The cat and dog Soumas are just the cutest couple. I still love Kyo x Yuki though. Back to the story, this fic is about how Kyo and Shigure first made love, the previous fic, Awful, was the first time they began having a relationship. I just love these stories!  NC 17, Lemon, Yaoi


In the Closet :

(Yuki x Kyou), by Sakura Sumeragi

When Toru's two girlfriends decide to come over to check out the house (from one of the anime episodes), Yuki and Kyou accidently get turned into their zodiac forms and hide in a small closet. NC 17, Lemon, Yaoi