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All Xena (Warrior Princess) and Hercules fics!  I adore Cupid x Strife, with a side of Ares x Joxer!  May be other slash pairings too!


Screw the Roses, Give Me Thorns :

by Tosca's Kiss

Smut with no morally redeeming features whatsover, set in the canon 'Xena Warrior Princess' alternate universe.
Strife/Cupid, God of War x God of Mischief


Counting Cupid : by Goddess Blue

Strife has never been in love his whole life, unless you count Cupid. Great fic. Wishing for an update soon!


Fighting Temptation : by the angelic vampire

Strife loved Cupid, he truly did. But even he has to admit to that which he has been ignoring all these years. They both can fight off temptation, but only one of them does.


A Domestic Conversation : by Kristina Andersson

Strife is about to figure something out. S/C SLASH


Postcards from Hell : by Tosca's Kiss

PG.  What it says! Humor. Implied pairing.

Fighting Temptation : by the Angelic Vampire

Cupid x Strife, Cupid x Psyche. Strife’s heart is broken when he comes home to find his lover and fiancee Cupid in bed with a goddess. Why does love have to hurt so much? TBC. Good fic in the process.


The Darker Side of Love : Ling

Cupid’s dealing with his lover’s (Strife’s) death. His mind is twisting, his anger turning into revenge. Revenge upon the gods, upon the mortals, upon all who could not see Strife for who he really was. TBC.


Memoriable : by Erin

A great Hercules x Strife fic. I’ve only read one other that came close to my enjoyment of this pairing. Strife has a problem, and he goes to Hercules for help. The problem : Zeus wants him to get married.


The Childhood series : by Corona (***)

I love this series. Young Cupid meets young Erin/Strife, God of Mischief. Vulnerable and shy Erin, how sweet. It is a very good series if you love these two. Best friends! Oh, and young Persephone (she is to wed Hades in the future, myth), is so cute! Babysitting time for the boys, but can love and mischief handle a little girl?


The Growing Up series : by Corona

Sequel to the Childhood series. Finally, some Cupid x Strife slash. Teenagerhood and learning to control powers.


Cosmic Hiccups : by Scribe

A very funny Olympian reunion. Slash and general pairings! Cupid x Strife, Ares x Joxer, more. Mortals, gods... well, everyone with any godly blood in them are, invited to the reunion. But, what happens when Strife gets the hiccups?


Pieces of a Whole : by Erin (***)

If you love Strife, God of Mischief, then read this fic! Xena and Hercules adventures, how Strife first meets Cupid, falls in love, volunteers to watch Bliss after his cousin marries Psyche (nice Psyche in this one, not bad). Strife finds out who his father, actually fathers, are and matures rapidly. Cupid x Strife, slash, by the end. Very good fic. I love the way Strife is so naive and even has an inferiority complex. Just makes him so much better to relate to.


King of the Gods : by Artemis Luna Diana

Slash. Joxer becomes the King of the Gods. Joxer x Ares, Cupid x Strife. I love this fic!


Unexpected Alliance : by Kayla

Another Ares x Joxer, Cupid x Strife fic, you know me well! Joxer is the God of Trouble, husband of Ares, and Strife is Ares and Joxer's son. The three make a lot of trouble for Xena, and there are quite a few slashy lemons in here too.


Cooperation : by Kayla

Sequel to Unexpected Alliance. Hercules, Xena, Ares, Joxer and the rest have to travel, mortally, to defeat Dahak. With internal fights threatening to break out at any moment, how will they ever be able to work together? Oh, and a cute Iolas x Eris (Discord) x Auto love triangle going on.


Together Again : by Haddaka

Joxer isn't quite what he seems to be. Ares x Joxer. I love this fic, as I do most of the fics where Joxer turns out to be the God of Peace, yes, I just gave it away, but go read the fic anyway! Joxer is just a baby, his name is Galen, when the war with the Titans ends and the Goddess of Peace, his mother, dies. The swords of War and Peace come together and Zeus has no control over them. War must call Peace, or Peace will not return.


Making Connections : by Corona (***)

A good Ares x Joxer, Cupid x Strife fic. I just love Zeus in this one, he acts like a senile old man. It's so funny to see the king of the gods forgetting things, even his children's names. Joxer finds a scroll and becomes penpals with Ares, without really realizing who the man is or how the scroll just appears.


Opposites Attract : (***)

by Christine and Hergerbabe

One of the best AU slash fics for this fandom. Cupid, god of war, won't admit that he cares for Strife, god of happiness. There is rape in this fic, but feelings all around turn to love in the end. Cupid is such a jerk at the beginning, even I'm starting to hate him for what he puts Strife through. Oh, and Ares, god of love, is also with Joxer. It's a good fic, especially if you love Strife, cause there is a happy ending! (NC17, mentions of rape, AU)


How I Love Thee : by Emcee

One of the few Hercules x Ares fics that I actually like. Not my favorite pairing, but this story is just so good. Herc ends up saving young Ares in the past and they fall in love. A very sweet story!


Cupid's Little Helper : by Scribe (***)

A very good Cupid x Strife story. Humor, angst, and love! Strife makes a mistake, a BIG mistake and ends up having to work with Cupid, the god of love, to fix it. He doesn't count on falling in love along the way, or having Cupid fall for him.  (also Ares x Joxer)