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Sonic the Hedgehog yaoi pairings.  Furry.  Personally, I like Sonic and Knuckles, but also Tails, Shadow, and Chris (the only human) pairings too.
WIP  means Work In Progress
Minors should not read any fics rated NC17 or R, you have been warned.

Manipulated Love : by Shadonic

Sonic was crushed when he couldnt save Shadow, and everyones feeling the aftershock. But Shadow suddenly comes back, as if nothing had ever happened. Will no one see nothing is as perfect as it seems?Furry Yaoi slash.  NC 17


Pleasuring Sins : by Angel of Twilight

Zuka, a succubus vampire is found by Sonic and is taken back to his apartment.. haven't feed yet, Sonic and Espio offers themselves.. in more than feeding .  M/M/M, Lemon,Yaoi, Slash, furs.


Unexpected : by Foxey

When One Becomes Used to One's way of life, it is often that fate will throw something completly unexpected at them. Knuckles learns this all very quickly....Knucklesx Shadow! YAOI.


TellTale Hearts : by Avalon Hunter

Yaoi. KnucklesTails in a series of SemeUke based scenes.


Rivalry of the Heart : by Cloud Kitsune

What if it wasn't Sonic who fell in Chris' pool, but instead... Shadow? And what if Chris had a special connection with the Chaos Emeralds? Eggman isn't going to like this...Or is he..? (Yaoi, Shadow x Chris, Sonic x Chris)


You’re the Only One : by Cloud Kitsune

Chris stops by a pet shop one day and is asked a question by Sonic he'd never expect. But at least it is easy to answer... Yaoi/Slash, Sonic x Chris, PG.