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Mostly Jumba x Pleakley suggested fics.  If you don't like that pairing, you won't find much of interest here.


Movie Night : by D.K. Archer **

Pure fluff. Jumba and Pleakley settle down to watch the late night movie, but the other members of the household make it a little difficult.


Criminal Indifference : by D.K. Archer  **

Jumba receives bad news from home late one night, and his behavior puts a strain on his current relationships.


Blank Spaces : by WeyrdChic

Two strangers meet to hunt for an intergalactic fugitive. They become instant enemies. Then they're (mostly) unwilling partners. And then they are friends...


Summer Sun : by CheshireLoveCat

Pleakley thinks about life and Jumba. Suggested mpreg, Slash. Fluff.


Beautiful : by WeyrdChic

Written in response to the episode "627." Jumba has a choice, one he refuses to make. Mild Jumba x Pleakley, major darkness and angst.


The Things We Do : by WeyrdChic

JumbaPleakley slash. Set immediately after the events of Stitch! the Movie, the pair come to terms with Jumba's love for illegal activity...and with certain other feelings.


Secrets of a Former Evil Genius : by WeyrdChic

JumbaPleakley slash, because there isn't enough and 'Simple Solutions' inspired me. On the verge of a descision, Jumba reflects to Lilo.


I’m Thinking What Now? : by CG

Lilo 'n Stitch) Yes, another of my Jumba/Pleakley ones... read to find out what happens. Haha!


Sleep Talking : by CG

(Lilo & Stitch) From what I've seen, this is possibly amongst the first Pleakley/Jumba related fics here. So you're warned, it is kinda one sided though, but please don't flame. I actually like this short two chaptered story.


Musings at Midnight : by CG

Lilo & Stitch) Another one for the Pleakley/Jumba thing happening. But one sided, as usual. Just some look into how Pleakley's feeling after all the events of the movie is done.


The Fuchsia Dress : by A'Phrionnsa Fala ***

(SLASH! Jumba Pleakley) One muumuu, one bottle of perfume, two aliens. Add a pinch of sexual confusion and what you get? Love, of course!


Little Journeys : by A'Phrionnsa Fala  **

A late-night craving for pineapple leads Lilo to a surprising discovery about Uncle Jumba and Aunt Pleakley - (SLASH)


The Meaning of Exile : by D.K. Archer

One vision of a possible future for the Lilo and Stitch characters. Suggested Jumba x Pleakley in the past. Sad fic.