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When the Blue Moon Rises : by Frk-werewolf
A Blue Moon, a werewolf on the lose, and Xander's life will never be
normal again. (warnings: animalistic rape, mpreg, and slash: XanderOz)
Demons Anonymous  : by frk-werewolf
The Scoobies decide to get help for their addictions. [warning: slash - XanderSpike.] {written in script style}

Heartache : by Raihne Firehawk

Her Buffy fics are all great! Xander loves Spike, but Spike loves Buffy. Spike finds out that Xander has been raising 3 demon kits for four years, but doesn't realize that Xander loves him. It's a very good story, some angst, and a lot of love and fun!


The Census : by Raihne Firehawk

A very humor filled fic. Xander x Spike. Spike decides to fill out a census, with interesting results... especially when Xander finds out.


Sweet Memories : by Kayla (*)

A fight with a demon leaves Xander and Spike without their memories. When the pair move in together in the demon part of town, they get to see how the other half really live. But, getting back their memories is going to be harder then anything they've ever done before. I just love Spike x Xander fics, and this is my favorite!