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All Souls Night : by Delilah deSora

Yaoi. Shido encounters Cain on All Souls Night, the one night a year that a vampire's blood demands to be satisfied by another vampire's touch. NC17, male x male.


A Finite Eternity by CrimsonDreamer

A very good Cain x Shido fic. Lemon! Cain and Shido are fighting over what is right and wrong again, very difficult for Shido to come to terms with vampires and mortals. It's a great fic!


I Shall Fear No Evil : by CrimsonDreamer

The continuation to A Finite Eternity. Cain x Shido, Shido x Ken. This is a great story about how Shido gets caught by the NOS and meets Ken, a young medical student. Ken reminds Shido of Cain and helps him to realize that he's still human. Read to find out what happens when Cain comes to get Shido and ends up running into Ken instead.


The Bells : by CrimsonDreamer

The continuation to "I Shall Fear No Evil." Begins with a Cain x Shido lemon! The three vampires are moving to America, but what will befall them there? Lots of yaoi! I just can't wait to read the next chapter!