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Fake 2

Love Calculator : by Dementia_12
Shonen-Ai. Can love be found in a name? JJ receives an intriguing email with an intriguing little love game. Dee/Ryo.


Enclosed : by Keara (***)

One-Shot. JJ is claustrophic. When he gets trapped in an elevator during a blackout, it's up to Berkeley to help. M/M,Lemon,Yaoi,PWP. A rarer pairing. NC17, adult only.


Close Quarters : by Wildefyre

Yaoi, lemon, NC17.  Drake and JJ find themselves locked in a closet and JJ has a pleasurable way of passing the time!


Experimentation : by Oneida

Yaoi, lemon, NC17.  A very unexpected pairing. Lai and Bikky decide to do some experimenting together. Just two boys having fun.


Drake's Crazy Day : by Kameko-chan

A yaoi Fake fanfic. Drake x JJ. This is the first fic Ive read with this rare coupling. Drakes girlfriend dumps him and hes having a bad day. One thing leads to another and he ends up kissing JJ. Wow. The pair of them are so hot together. A short fic, but a good one. They make a good couple.


Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

by Dementia-12

Dee and Ryo are actors in the movie FAKE. Their personalities are completely switched. The real Ryo, the actor himself, is the one trying to get Dee into bed. And Dee, he's the innocent and shy one who wants more than just a one night stand.

Thunder Under Cover : by Roo (***)
A stormy night brings Dee and Ryo closer together.  Lemon, Angst, NC17