Disclaimer: This is yaoi people, yaoi! That means Yue/Julian x Touya/Tori (Tori is his Japanese name, I believe). This is male/male love, yaoi! Ok, I warned you. All those who want to stay, I hope you enjoy the fic.

Chapter One: Feathers and Moonlight

A dark breeze flowed through the window, brushing the panes open. Curtains billowed, casting a moving shadow over the motionless figure curled under thick blankets and lost in the dreams of sleep. In an instant, opaque clouds swallowed the full moon, casting the small room into darkness. The wind howled, its icy breath reaching through the air and sending a shiver into the sleeper's heart. As the clouds released their prey, beams of moonlight revealed a figure kneeling upon the yellowed pane. Silvered waves of silken hair glided silently upon the cooling breeze, piercing golden gloves trapping the sleeping boy in their grips.

~What is this? This feeling. What draws me to you?~ The angelic being shifted lightly, studying the oblivious human male who continued to dream. ~You who are of my master's blood. And yet, you know not of my fascination with you, nor the depth of my thoughts. I have spent hours at your side, walked with you in my other form. We have shared... a friendship that cannot be described. You are brave, strong, but sensitive at times. Your sensitivity and native innocence of this world draws me to you, like a fly in a spider's web. I do not desire to be confined, but I feel no misintent from you. Perhaps...~ A light sigh echoed through the air, followed by a shuffling movement from the bed. Wings spreading effortlessly, the Judge of Clow escaped into the night.

(Alone in the room)

The bedlaiden figure shifted, still half asleep even as he gazed at the open window. ~I could have sworn I closed it last night before I went to sleep.~ Dark eyes traced over the spread window, the moon glinting back at him mockingly. As Touya prepared to return to the realms of sleep, a glint of silver caught his eye. Pushing aside the covers, he rose and crossed the room, hand outstretching into the light. Nimble fingers delicately plucked a single long snowy white feather from the carpet's grasp. Holding it firmly in the moonlight, the boy gazed silently down, thoughts and questions filling his mind. Touya's questioning eyes fell upon the cold glowing moon that refused to answer.

(Sakura's room)

A tiny golden greature gazed out a small yellow framed window. Kero watched as Yue flew away, his tall human-like form gracefully gliding under the moon's beams. 'This is not good,' the small winged animal mused aloud, eyebrows furrowing in concentration. Yue could become very dangerous in the future, Kero only hoped that Sakura would be strong enough to control the Judge. With that last thought, he turned to watch the cute young girl sleep under her warm pink covers. Sakura had no idea of the trouble ahead of her, nor its connection with her brother.


Writer's note: I've only seen up to the last of the US dubbed series (End of Days). As far as I know, Touya and Yue have not met yet, though I think they meet later on. This is my view of how they could have met and fallen in love.