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Getting Closer

'Very soon you shall belong to me, Prince Vegeta.'


'Achoo,' the dark haired youth rubbed his nose and glanced around. A tiny meow at his feet caught his sensitive saiyan ears and he found Tiger sitting there. Reaching down, Vegeta carefully picked up the tiny kitten, cradling her in his arms and allowing a tiny smile to appear on his usually stonic face.

'Kodiac moment,'a voice warned, before a flash hit the youth in the face. 'Kakkarot!'the younger saiyan screamed, glaring at his adversary who stood in the doorway of his bedroom, holding a strange black device. 'Just think... now everyone will know that you're not as mean as you pretend to be,'Goku teased, even as the Prince's eyes grew darker.

Vegeta just snarled, dark eyes fuming back at the older youth. Goku merely grinned like an idiot until the other boy finally gave up trying to boil him alive under his glare, rather disappointed since he was a prince after all. Instead, the tall saiyan found his eyes drawn to tight black shorts when Vegeta turned and bent to open his bottom drawer.

~Delicious.~ Goku felt a sly grin come over his face, before adopting an innocent expression once more when the other boy looked at him questioningly. 'Get out, Kakkarot,' Vegeta insisted, holding a white shirt in front of his bare chest. Goku pouted playfully and took a step backwards into the hallway, still watching even when the prince slammed the door in his face. Whistling happily, he clutched the camera in his hand and almost danced down the stairs. ~I wonder when V-chan will figure out just how many pictures I took of him asleep.~


'Ding Dong!'

'Hey Goku, ready to go!' Krillan shouted as the dark haired saiyan opened the door. 'But I haven't even eaten yet,' Goku whined, pouting at his friends who just laughed. 'Then, we'll come in while you eat,' Chichi insisted, pushing past her soon-to-be boyfriend (in her dreams). Goku stepped aside as Bulma, Yamcha, and Krillan followed Chichi into the house.


Chichi screamed at the sound and took the opportunity to grab onto the man of her dreams for dear life. Goku winced at the sound, sweatdropping as he looked down at the teenager girl on his arm. 'Goku, is that Your cat?' Bulma asked, bending down to study the kitten sitting at the bottom of the staircase. It was so...


'I don't think it wants you to touch it,' Yamcha warned his girlfriend, as her hand inched closer to the snarling creature. 'It's just a kitten, not a monster,' the blue haired girl stated, glaring over her shoulder at him before turning back to the animal. 'Actually, Tiger is Geta's cat and...' Goku trailed off as four pairs of eyes widened on him in disbelief. 'Yeah right, that's a good one!' Krillan laughed, causing Yamcha and the others to chuckle nervously and eye the cat more cautious. Even Bulma pulled back as it hissed, ears flattened to its head, fangs bared at them.

Footsteps on the staircase alerted the group, causing them to look up. Yamcha and Bulma backed away slowly, Chichi gripping Goku even tighter as Krillan began to go pale. Two cold black eyes glared at them as Vegeta stepped off the stairs. Glancing down, everyone stared as the icy teenager bent to scoop up the kitten. But what shocked them the most, was the fact that the kitten was... Purring.

Chichi blinked her eyes in shock. Krillan and Yamcha were staring in disbelief along with Bulma as they watched the kitten mold itself into the boy's white shirt, purring louder as his fingers stroked her back firmly. The dark eyes focused on Goku for a moment, taking in the woman on his arm, before he strode past the stunned group and out the front door.

'Uh... did everyone just see that?' Krillan asked, breaking the silence. 'Vegeta... the ice prince, holding a kitten,' Bulma whispered, still staring at the closed door Vegeta had gone out. 'Good, I thought I was hallucinating or something,' the bald boy sighed, his cheeks taking on a more healthy glow now that the other youth was gone.

Chichi tugged on Goku's arm, forcing him away from the door he had been staring at since his roommate left. Straightening himself, Goku let the girl lead him towards the livingroom. 'This place is huge,' Yamcha stated, staring around. 'Yeah, I know,' Goku agreed, trying to figure out a way to get Chichi off his arm without insulting her too much. 'You must get lonely with only Vegeta around for company,' Bulma said over her shoulder. 'Why would I? Geta and I get along just fine,' Goku replied, thoroughly confused. Silence echoed the hallway as four sets of eyes that had stared at Vegeta were now trained on him. 'If you say so,' Krillan mumbled, hands crossed behind his head as the group entered the livingroom.

'Goku, why is there a hole in your livingroom wall?' Krillan suddenly asked, looking back at his friend standing in the doorway. 'Oops, forgot about that,' Goku chuckled, remembering the patch job he had tried to do on that hole using some of the furniture. He had pushed the couch over the hole, but there was still a large chunk left uncovered. 'What happened?!' Chichi asked in scared voice, clinging tighter to her unwilling knight. 'Um... I got a little carried away doing my morning exercises,' Goku lied, sweatdropping at the disbelieving looks on his friends' faces.

~Wait a minute.~ (went through everyone's minds)

'Yeah, I'll believe that,' Krillan laughed, remembering just who he was talking to. Goku did tend to get a little destructive when he trained alone. 'Groooowl!' Goku flushed and waved his friends into the kitchen as his stomach reminded him that he was starving!


Vegeta grumbled to himself as he walked down the pathway. Goku had brought his stupid friends over, baka... Arms crossed over his chest, the boy continued to glare down at the ground, his mind drifting back to his roommate. Ok, so what if Goku was great to look at, had a nice figure, and all those muscles...? The prince shook himself out of that thought. Goku... no, Kakkarot, was a moron. He acted too much like an Earthian for his tastes. A proper saiyan warrior would know how to woo their prince.

Vegeta stopped instantly, his face mirroring his disbelief at his previous thoughts. He wanted Goku to woo him? No way, not happening. A third class baka like him, hell no! Satisfied that he'd made up his mind, Vegeta continued to walk away from his current home, away from the baka saiyan man who occupied his every thought.


'I'm sure you all know what I want you to do,' Freeza's deep voice drifted over the five heads bowed at him. 'Yes, Lord Freeza,' all five warriors spoke in unison. 'Good, now go get me My prince,' the reptilian creature commanded, turning his back on them. A smirk appeared on his face at the prospect of getting the fierce and stubborn warrior prince into his hands. And no one was going to stand in his way.


Vegeta blinked, suddenly aware of the strong energy signatures that seemed to be coming from all around him. Stopping in his steps, the prince glanced around, his body tense and waiting.

'Why hello, little princeling,' a deep voice whispered in to his ear a moment before Vegeta blacked out.


Two gleaming eyes watched as the slim body of the prince was carried away. Tilting her head, Tiger glared after them. How dare those creatures take one of Her pets! Sniffing in anger, she raced back towards her home. Her stronger Pet would know what to do. After all, they were nearly mates. It would be so nice to finally own a mated pair of saiyans for her very own.


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