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New Feelings

Vegeta's eyes widened at the move, before sliding shut. An insistent tongue was prying at his lips, forcing them open. The prince could do no more than lean back into the kiss. This creature was so much more powerful than him, making him feel so... submissive?

Goku felt a dangerous thrill as he deepened the kiss, wanting to taste everything that was his prince. A sadistic grin came over his lips as he felt the prince give in, fingers tightening into his shirt. A low moan broke the air as their lips parted, the younger boy letting out a breath. 'You're mine,' the super saiyan turned and walked away, leaving the youth staring after him. Vegeta's fingers clenched into the covers as he tried to forget the passion flooding through his veins.


'What do you mean you didn't get him?!' the lord boomed at his two defeated warriors. 'I'm sorry, Lord Freeza. There was another warrior there that was too powerful for us,' Zarbon bowed, hoping that Freeza would grant them another chance. He had seen what the creature could do when upset, and he really didn't want to be on his bad side. 'Who is this warrior?' Freeza demanded to know. 'Another saiyan, sir. He's obviously protecting the prince,' Dodoria announced, bowing lowly as well. 'How did he manage to beat you then? What kind of powers does this warrior have?' the lord hissed. 'He became... a super saiyan, my Lord,' Zarbon noticed the shocked look on Freeza's face at the news. 'I see. I'll have to send in my most powerful warriors to defeat him then,' the creature announced. 'Lord Freeza, you can't mean...' Zarbon nearly choked at the thought. 'Yes, the Ginzu force,' Freeza smirked.


Vegeta stared at his reflection in the mirror. His lips still burned from the kiss hours ago. ~How could he? How dare he?!~ Uneasy thoughts quickly turned to anger at the thought of a third class baka daring to kiss him. Him! The Prince of the Saiyans. 'Baka Goku, baka,' Vegeta mumbled to himself, unaware of his use of the other saiyan's Earth name.

'Vegeta, did you call me?' Goku poked his head in, his eyes riveted to the other youth's body. Vegeta felt a tremble pass through him at the heated gaze. 'You know, Geta. You look better with nothing on,' Goku commented, smirking at the white towel around the boy's waist. 'Get out, baka!' Vegeta growled, tossing a brush at the annoying figure. Goku's laugh echoed the hall even after he retreated. 'Baka,' the prince flushed momentarily, before shaking off the warmth that was spreading through his body.

'Dinner in five minutes, Geta!' Goku called from the kitchen. Vegeta glanced at the door and allowed himself a gentle smile. 'Baka,' he whispered, leaning down to grab the brush from the floor. For some reason, when he looked in the mirror again, he could not find the anger that once filled him. It had been replaced by something... a strange feeling that made him want to grin and laugh.

Shaking his head, the prince forced back on the arrogant look he always wore, pushing aside the feelings that were slowly growing in his heart.


Vegeta came to a pause at the foot of the stairs, half wanting to join the other Saiyan for a meal, the other desiring to race back up the stairs and hide in his room. Shaking his head, he sneered to himself at the preposterous though. Saiyan warriors do not run away from anything or anyone. Especially not a baka like Kakarot.

The prince blinked as he entered the room to find Goku speaking quite animatedly with his older brother. Grunting, Vegeta barged in, stalking over to the table and sitting opposite them silently. Goku smiled widely at him as usual as Radditz, who'd noticed the prince's cold expression, winced slightly.

'Prince Vegeta,' Radditz bowed from where he sat, as the youth glared at Goku intimidatingly. 'Hn?' the boy turned his attention to the older warrior. 'Un... your father is a bit worried about you. He's heard of the incident, but... he seems confident that Goku... um, Kakarot can protect you,' Radditz motioned to his ever smiling younger brother. 'I do not need protecting,' Vegeta twitched in silent fury. 'Ah, come on... Geta-kun! You're so cute that everyone wants a piece of that tail of yours,' Goku teased suddenly, causing the prince to flush bright red and growl under his breath, looking away.

Radditz glanced between them, a bit confused at the exchange. Goku was leaning on the table and smirking almost... slyly Prince Vegeta who refused to meet his dominating gaze. ~Huh? What could be going on between these two?~ The spiky haired man shook his head as Goku leapt to his feet to serve dinner, his innocent expression once more on his face.


'Baka, why does he always have to do that?' Vegeta grumbled to himself, remembering dinner and the looks the idiot Goku kept sending him. Pushing the door open to his room, he let out a sigh and stretched before sitting down on the bed. 'Baka,' he mumbled again, gazing out the window at the moon. ~Only a crescent... I bet Kakarot has no idea what a true saiyan can do under the full moon.~ Vegeta smirked to himself, leaning back against the fluffy pillow, supporting his head with his arms. As he drifted off to sleep, he didn't notice the gleaming dark eyes watching him from the halfopened doorway.


Goku allowed himself a self-satisfied smirk as he watched the younger teen fall asleep. ~I shall be the one to claim you, Prince Vegeta.~ He walked down the hall, opening the door to his own room, glancing back once. 'Oh yes, you can't stop me, my princeling,' he whispered to himself, stepping into the darkness of his own room.


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