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Guarding the Prince

Vegeta grumbled to himself as he headed home. Stupid baka and his stupid friends. What was it about Kakarot that made him so angry? The prince frowned, thinking over that question in his head. ~He's a idiot. And obviously third class as well. Princes do not associate with third class morons. I don't care if he does have a high power level, I'm still better than him. Only a super saiyan can beat me.~

The spiky haired youth glanced up as he approached the dorm. Strange sounds were coming from the backyard. Taking the easy way, he rounded the house, past the huge hole that was still in the livingroom wall.


It was a cry of pain. Vegeta raced around the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. Two... men, if you could call them that, were tormenting his Tiger. The kitten was sprawled on the ground, as if she had just been kicked. ~Bastards.~ Vegeta took a moment to analyze his rivals.

The first, a tall man with light violet hair pulled back into a braid was smirking at him. Muscles were clearly outlined under his white turtleneck and black jeans. Beside him, a pink skinned, very fat looking creature grinned back at him evilly. The prince's eyes narrowed as he stepped forward to challenge them.


Goku glanced around, pausing in his sparing with Yamcha. Something wasn't right. He scanned the horizon for an answer, but something in his heart told him to get home fast. 'I've got to go, I'll see you all tomorrow,' the young man rushed off, leaving his friends staring after him in surprise. Goku never interrupted their sparing. Too weird.


'Who the hell are you?' Vegeta snarled, glaring at the older men. 'I am Zarbon and this is my associate Dodoria. We've been sent by Freeza himself to find you, Princeling,' the taller man smiled cruelly. 'Then, stop picking on defenseless animals and fight,' the youth hissed, getting into his battle stance. 'How amusing. Would you like to handle this, Dodoria?' he glanced down at the pink skinned being to find his blue lips in a grin. 'Don't mind if I do. This little runts going to get the beating of his life,' the bulky creature stepped up, most of his form hidden beneath a black trenchcoat.

'Don't kill him. Master Freeza needs him alive,' Zarbon warned, stepping back to watch the fight. 'I'm just gonna mess up his pretty little face a bit,' the other said, grin widening.

~Princeling? I'll show them. And, I'll show Kakarot as well.~ Vegeta attacked.


Goku sensed danger, something was terribly wrong. His heart clenched almost painfully in his chest, like someone was giving it a beating. ~Vegeta. He's in trouble. I can feel it.~ The older teen raced behind the house and stared in horror. His prince lay bloody and battered upon the ground, barely able to move. But, he managed to prop himself up on his elbows, glaring at a pink skinned creature flexing his fists before him. 'So, you can put up a fight. Not bad, princeling. But, not good enough to defeat us,' another man spoke, his long braid flipping over his shoulder as he moved.

'Meow...' the tall man turned and kicked the creature out of the way, annoyed by its cry. Vegeta tensed, staring at the small, unmoving bundle of fur, then glaring back at his tormentors.

'Leave 'Geta' alone!' Goku ordered, stepping out of the shadows. Three pairs of eyes turned to him, one amazed, the other two bored. 'We have company,' the small man announced, if he was a man. It was really hard to tell with those horns on his head. 'Kakarot,' Vegeta whispered, staring straight into the dark eyes of the taller saiyan teenager. 'A friend of yours, what a pity. He'll have to die,' Zarbon announced as his partner stepped up to 'greet' the newcomer.

'What do you want with 'Geta?' Goku asked, glaring at them. 'Master Freeza is interested in this little princeling... don't worry, he'll life, for now. But, I can't say the same for you,' the purple haired man smirked, watching Dodoria send forth a power wave.

Goku dodged to the side, the wave of energy flowing past him. ~Oops. Gonna have to redo that whole wall now.~ Moving like the wind, he surged up to the fat man and punched him in the stomach, before kicking him across the yard. 'What?!' Zarbon cried out, staring. No normal human should have that kind of power.

'Leave 'Geta' alone. I won't let you take him. He's my prince,' Goku got ready for a comeback as the fat blob got up. Wiping the blood from his lips, the creature turned with a glare. 'Pretty good hit, but I'm gonna kill you now,' Dodoria snarled, beginning his attack.

'WAIT! Dodoria!' Zarbon cried, even as Goku launched a ki wave that threw him through the fence. 'You... you're a saiyan, aren't you? You must be the prince-brats guardian,' Zarbon kicked the smaller youth in the ribs, making him grunt to hide a moan of pain. 'I won't tell you again. Leave 'Geta' alone, or I'll kill you,' Goku narrowed his eyes, for the first time in his life feeling an anger that threatened to overwhelm him.

'I don't think so. You may be able to take on Dodoria, but my power is far greater. Even a saiyan doesn't stand a chance against me,' Zarbon smirked, stepping into the battleground.


Vegeta could do nothing more than just lay there as the pair fought. Goku was good, but Zarbon was stronger. ~Shit... I think one of my ribs is broken. That baka, there's no way he can beat them both.~ Dodoria was up again and attacking just a fiercely. Vegeta gasped as the older teen was sent flying back into the other fence, smashing this one down too. ~Baka.~

A strange golden glow forced him to stare wide eyed. Kakarot was on his feet, and a golden wave of energy was swirling around him. Their eyes met, and Vegeta felt a shiver creep up his spine. So intense, that look. A look of possession. Kakarot focused once again on the enemy, letting out a yell as his normally black hair spiked up in a ray of gold. His t-shirt ripped from the power, his muscles bulging. The prince could only stare. Kakarot had turned super saiyan. The thought made him shiver again. The power...

Zarbon and Dodoria were frozen in horror, even as they were beaten within an inch of their lives. The pair seemed to have a change of heart, more likely they were just scared shitless, for they flew off, leaving Vegeta behind.

That was when, the prince blacked out. The last thing he saw, were golden eyes staring down into him, into his very soul.


Goku stared down at the beautiful creature in his arms. Vegeta was still bloody and battered, but he was the most lovely being in the universe at that moment. Setting his young prince down on the bed, he went to grab a cloth to wipe him up.

Glancing in the mirror, he noticed that his hair was black once more. ~I didn't know I had that kind of power. Strange, I wonder what it was.~ Goku, being the only saiyan born and raised on Earth, had no idea that he had just transcended to super saiyan level, something that had not been done for a thousand years.


Vegeta's shoulders jerked as something warm and soft and slightly damp touched his skin. Sighing softly, he opened his eyes to find himself staring into pools of black. After blinking a few times, he realized that he was back in his room and that Kakarot was wiping the blood off his body. His now half naked body. A pink tanktop lay abandoned on the floor at the foot of the bed.


Goku touched his reddened cheek, staring in surprise at the furious boy sitting in front of him. 'How dare you touch me, baka! No third class fool like you should touch a prince,' Vegeta hissed venomously, clenching his fists into the covers beneath him. Goku felt anger surge through his body. He may only be a third class, but he had just saved 'Geta's life.

Vegeta leaned back as he suddenly found the super saiyan towering over him with an unreadable cold look in his golden eyes. A smirk came to his lips, making the prince shiver. Way too weird. Goku had never smiled like that, ever.

The super saiyan leaned down, one arm planting itself firmly beside the prince's thigh. 'So sorry, my prince,' he whispered, his voice deeper than Goku's. Vegeta gulped, their faces were only inches apart. The younger boy only had a moment to think before the super saiyan's other hand touched the back of his neck and drew him closer. Their lips pressed together in a rough kiss.


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