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Tiger the Kitten

(after school)

'Man, that guy is sure stuck up,' Goku turned to find Bulma watching Vegeta who was walking down the hall near their lockers. 'Come on, Bulma. He's probably just lonely,' Goku mused aloud, dark eyes focused completely on the spiky haired youth. ~Oops, I think he heard me.~ Goku noticed the slight pause to the Prince's walk, before Vegeta headed out the door. 'Well, he's gone now, thank goodness,' ChiChi sided up to her muscular boyfriend (yeah right, in her dreams). Goku just shook his head and turned to the rest of the group. Krillan and Yamcha were still upset the Goku had missed sparing with them for a while, so they were all heading out to the field. ~Too bad Vegeta is going to miss this,~ Goku grinned and let his friends lead him out of the school.

Meanwhile, the alien prince was doing some thinking of his own. Mostly about the stupid baka's comment. ~I am not lonely. I'm a Prince, superior to any of these humans and that third class idiot. Princes don't get lonely.~ Vegeta was so intensely focused on convincing himself that he was stronger than anyone else, that he nearly stepped on...


Said prince of the saiyans nearly had a heart attack as he jumped back in shock. Glancing around, Vegeta held a fighting pose until his eyes caught sight of the creature who had uttered the alien-like sound. It was... small. Beady silted golden eyes, sharp white fangs and claws. Sleek red fur with a few black stripes, ready to pounce as it watched the youth in anticipation.


Vegeta tensed up as the creature cocked its head at him and stepped forward. ~Tiger. Radditz told me of them. Grrrr... why the hell am I scared? I'm a Prince, far more powerful than this feline.~ The teen forced himself to relax from his fighting pose and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring down at the evil cat. 'Go away,' he growled in his most threatening princely voice.


The tiger stepped closer, and suddenly leapt at him. Surprised by the move, Vegeta fell flat on his back with the small feline clawing its way up his stomach. Sitting down on his chest, the tiger stared down at the boy, fangs glinting in the sunlight. And then it... curled up.


Vegeta stared down at the crazy animal, unable to hide his shock. The monster was... sleeping on him. How dare it! That creature... Still, the prince found himself reaching out to gently stroke the fire colored fur. So soft... The purring rose as the kitten stretched towards his hand, nuzzling his palm gently before settling off to sleep again.

Perhaps, perhaps he wouldn't kill it after all.

(at home, that night)

Goku yawned as he opened the front door, worn out from all the sparing he did that afternoon. The sun was sinking below the horizon, the blackness of night engulfing the small dorm. ~Wonder where 'Geta' is.~ The taller saiyan found himself approaching the livingroom and peeking in. A smile lit over his face when he found the other youth sleeping peacefully upon the couch. Spiked black hair caressing the arm of the couch as Vegeta slept obvious to his friend's entrance. Goku admired the sleek lithe form of his prince, before stepping further into the room. Unable to resist the temptation, the youth leaned down towards the boy on the couch. So close, inches away from those sweet lips no longer frowning harshly at him. To steal a kiss from a prince's lips, so delicate and soft. So close...


Goku jolted back at the tiny sound, staring down at the red creature laying atop the prince's chest. Black eyes clashed with his own as Vegeta sat up, clutching the small cat now in his lap. 'Geta? What is...?' the human raised saiyan had never in a million years ever expected to find Vegeta, cold strong Vegeta, protecting a cute little kitten. 'It's a tiger,' Vegeta's voice cut through his thoughts. Goku blinked once, then nearly fell over from laughing so hard.

'What the hell is wrong with you, baka?!' Vegeta's growl came accompanied with the glare of death. 'Sorry, Geta. That's not a tiger, it's just a kitten,' Goku wiped the tears from his eyes as he watched Vegeta blink back at him. 'A kitten?' the words were strangely soft as the prince shifted his gaze back to the small animal curled against him. 'Yep, just a kitty cat. Tigers are much bigger and meaner. So, guess his name is 'Tiger' now,' Goku reached out a hand and stroked the kitten, listening to it purr in response. 'Hn. Her name is Tiger,' Vegeta agreed, grinning as Goku blinked down at him. 'How do you know he's a she?' Goku asked, confused. 'I'm a saiyan, of course,' Vegeta left his answer trailing behind him as he lifted the kitten into his strong, but slender arms, and carried her up the stairs. 'But, I'm a saiyan too?' Goku was adorably confused, the prince noticed. Of course, he immediately reprimanded himself for thinking the third class youth adorable. What was the world coming to when princes began to have... feelings for commoners? ~Pah, feelings, for that idiot? I've been on Earth too long, their gentleness is rubbing off on me. Stupid Goku.~ Vegeta shut himself into his room, leaving Goku standing at the bottom of the stairs, still confused.


Author's Note: Yep, I know this was a short chapter, but I just couldn't help myself. The idea of Vegeta with a kitten was just too cute! Hope to have the next chapter up soon, I still have 4 other chapter fics I'm working on right now. Please review!