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When Brother's Meet

Goku slowly glanced around as the door opened. The younger man stood there in the doorway, beautifully naked (if you forgive the towel and clothes clutched to his front). The older teen let his eyes trail over the lovely muscled body, the slender feminine waist and smooth looking skin. Deep black eyes that were focused on... him. Goku blinked and glanced down, realizing that he was naked too. Wait a second, Vegeta was now wearing an expression of total disbelief instead of his usual angry glare. Goku felt his tail curl around his leg as if it had a mind of its own. ~Wait. 'Geta' has a tail too.~ Indeed, the youth's own brown furred tail was curled around his smooth upper thigh, even if it seemed a little tense, probably from the shock.

Vegeta couldn't move. The baka human had a tail. But, that ment... he wasn't human. The prince didn't even notice that Goku was now watching him intently, studying his slim form. Vegeta felt himself begin to flush as he realized that they were both just standing there, naked as jaybirds. And the other boy didn't even have a towel or anything to cover him up. ~Not that he needs one... ARGH! Don't think those things. He's not even a..., but his tail. Only saiyans have tails like that.~ Vegeta's dark eyes glanced down at his own tail that was curling around his thigh, before glancing up to find Goku standing even closer. Panicked, he took a step back before holding his ground. No low class hu... or whatever he was, was going to make him back down. Instead, Vegeta growled and put the scowl back onto his face.

'Hey, Geta. How come you have a tail?' Goku blinked cluelessly at the younger teen who nearly facedropped. 'Because I'm a saiyan, baka!' the boy hissed, eyes shooting sparks back at him. 'Saiyan?... Oh yeah, that's what big brother Radditz used to say. So, what's a saiyan?' Goku asked innocently.

~Big brother Radditz?! I'll kill him! Wait a minute...~ 'You idiot! Are you telling me that you don't even know that you're an alien from another planet? How could you be so stupid as not to notice that other humans don't have tails?!' Vegeta practically screamed the accusation in his frustration. 'Well, gee... Geta. Don't all boys have tails?' the young man asked. Vegeta just howled and stormed out of the bathroom, leaving Goku staring at his very attractive behind.


Goku came down the stairs at the sound of familiar voices. One was 'Geta' and the other... A grin came over the teen's face as he hurried into the livingroom to greet his brother, only to find himself in the middle of a slight argument.

'Damnit! You never said he was a saiyan!' Vegeta screamed, fingers clenched even with his arms crossed over his firm chest. A much taller man with long spiky hair stood sweatdropping before the youth. 'But, it is safer this way, my prince. Kakkarot can protect you when I am not here,' Radditz tried to reason with the furious boy. 'I don't need that idiot's protection! I am Prince Vegeta, and as such, I am more powerful than any third class baka. Besides, I thought his name was 'Goku,' the youth growled, eyes closing in frustration. 'It is. Goku is the name chosen for him when he was sent to Earth years ago. But, because of the peace treaty between our planets, it was decided that one saiyan should remain on Earth. Since Kakkarot was already here and seemed to be fairing well, your father allowed him to stay. Even so, not many humans are aware that he is an alien...' the dark haired man paused when he finally glimpsed the teenager standing in the doorway.

Vegeta blinked open his eyes when Radditz spoke the other youth's name in greeting. Spinning around, he found that Goku had indeed intruded upon them. The prince glared silently as the two exchanged greetings and words. 'Shut up!' the youth finally announced loudly, staring at the two with murder in his eyes. 'What's wrong 'Geta?' Goku blinked, again confused. Vegeta glared for a moment at Radditz who had dared to utter a small laugh at the pet name before focusing on his enemy once again. 'My name is 'Prince Vegeta,' not 'Geta,' you third class baka! You will address me with respect for I am your prince,' the youth snarled. 'Ok, 'Geta,' Goku smiled warmly at the other teen.


(much later)

'I must go now, it is late,' Radditz stood from his place on the couch and walked towards the door. 'You can't stay the night?' Goku followed his older brother down the hall. 'No, I have to return to our planet in the morning to meet with the king, Vegeta's father. Goku, I want you to protect our prince,' the other man gazed silently at his younger sibling. 'Protect 'Geta?' From what?' the youth seemed as confused as ever. 'He is our prince and as royalty, he has many enemies that even he is not aware of. Tell no one of what I am about to say... the king sent Vegeta here because a very powerful being is trying to take over our planet and would use Vegeta to do so. He has built himself a strong army from a variety of worlds and will soon battle against us. We must keep Vegeta here where he will not be found. As well, you must never tell anyone that Vegeta is our prince, it could bring Freeza right to this planet should that creature hears of him being here. I am entrusting our prince's safety to you, brother,' the saiyan disappeared into the night, leaving behind only his words. 'Ok, brother,' Goku whispered, before closing the door and heading upstairs to ponder the situation.


Author's Note: A bit of writer's block here. I know what's going to happen, I just have to find a link to the next scene. I can't wait for Vegeta to find out how powerful Goku really is (cute too, with gold hair). More yaoi to come!