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Tails and Fists

Goku came face to face, well... not really face to face since the other teen's hair only came up to his neck. Vegeta glared at the firmly muscled chest in front of him before tilting his head back to snarl at the person who dared to enter his lair. His eyes widened when he realized that it was the baka from his new school. 'Oh, hey 'Geta,' the man smiled down at the new student, not even realizing that the other was glaring at him. 'What the hell do you want, baka?' Vegeta growled. 'To come in. I was told to move in here for the year,' Goku stepped past the shorter teen and gazed around at his new home.

How dare he just walk in there and act like he owns the place. Vegeta growled deep in his throat as he turned and stormed back into the dorm. 'These are my rooms, human. You are not to be here,' he commanded. 'But, Geta... the principle himself is letting me stay here. Besides, this place looks big enough for both of us,' Goku spun round and glimpsed the staircase going up to the second floor. 'No it isn't! And don't call me 'Geta!' the youth screamed in fury as he stomped after the baka who had already hopped up the stairs.

'I get this room,' Goku gazed around his new room and plopped his bag down on the bed. 'You are not staying, baka. Besides, I already claimed this room,' the prince announced, settling himself down on the bed with a glare. 'Fine, I'll use the other room,' Goku grabbed his bag and dashed into through the door next to Vegeta's bedroom. 'Baka! I said this place was mine!' the prince was driving himself up the wall trying to get through to the idiot. ~Is he nuts or just plain stupid?~

Goku threw his bag onto the smaller bed in the next room and turned to find the other youth glaring at him again. 'What's wrong, 'Geta?' he asked, confused as ever as to why the other boy didn't want him there. 'I said this was my place, baka. Get out, or I kick you out,' Vegeta snarled, trying to look fierce. Unfortunately, Goku just perked up at the words and grinned. 'A spar. Great! Lets go to the back,' Goku took off down the stairs, leaving a stunned prince to follow after him.


Goku hummed as he turned to face his new sparing partner. The youth glared, arms shifting to a fighting position as he readied himself. ~This is going to be fun.~ Goku narrowed his eyes on his target and attacked.

Vegeta dodged the other youth's swings easily, using his smaller, more compact form to shift through the wind. Bringing up a knee, he sliced into the man's gut and sent him flying back into an old tree. The impact smashed it to bits, but Goku pulled himself up and continued fighting with barely a pause. ~He's strong.~

Goku flew at the other youth with amazing speed, catching Vegeta nearly by surprise. The other boy barely dodged a blow that would have knocked him down. Goku mentally grinned and turned to block a blow from the smaller boy. This 'Vegeta' kid was strong and agile. Impressive, using his smooth slender body to gracefully slide under and around Goku's punches. The taller teenager noticed the strange shift in energy as Vegeta stood a distance away from him. The younger boy seemed to be gathering power, the levels of ki rising dramatically. Goku grounded himself and did the same, pulling power from the very Earth itself to defend against the upcoming attack.

~Easy. He'll go down like the half wit human he is.~ Vegeta smirked and focused the high level ki into one hand. Then, the prince looked up, noticing for the first time that the other youth had managed to gain power as well. In fact, the levels were so high it was amazing. The saiyan teen watched in awe as Goku gathered the energy into his body and outstretched his hands. Vegeta quickly went into action, loosening his stored up energy into a huge blast that shook the ground below them. Goku's own blast echoed back, the energies smashing together and sending a crashing 'BOOM!' through the yard.

Amidst the broken trees and dirt covered yard, one large body moved. Raising onto his hands and knees, Goku glanced around. The dorm was intact, ok, except for that one piece now missing out of the side, but that could easily be fixed. ~Hey, our livingroom now has a skylight.~ The youth turned to regard the rest of the backyard that was now covered in dirt that had been blasted from a place that was now a rather large hole. Beside that hole, was another body. Goku got to his feet, his body heavy from the blast.

Vegeta moaned lightly and raised his head, eyes focusing on the approaching figure before him. A tall muscular body stood between him and the sun, the rays darkening his appearance. 'Radditz?' Vegeta groaned, pushing himself onto his knees. 'It's me, 'Geta.' a deep voice answered. The prince's eyes shot open and he was finally able to see the other youth's face. Goku smiled at him, extending a hand to help the other up. Vegeta snarled and slapped it away, raising to his own feet, even if a little unsteadily. Like the other boy, the prince's clothing was torn and nearly black with dirt and mud.

'Man, I can't wait to have a shower,' Goku headed back towards the house with the other right behind him. Vegeta just growled to himself. He had lost, to a human. This was humiliating.

(shower time)

Goku shook his head as he pulled a black T-shirt from his back to replace the one that was now lying in a muddy pile on the floor. 'Guess I could have taken that off outside,' the boy realized, before shrugging. Oh well. Grabbing the rest of his clean clothing, he headed towards the single bathroom at the end of the hall. It was empty, so he assumed that Vegeta had not claimed it yet.

Speaking of the other boy... Goku was actually impressed by the amount of strength the smaller teen had shown. To be able to pull energy like that and release it with such immense force... it was extraordinary. And for once, Goku knew that he had found someone who would equal him in battle, since his sparing partners never seemed to get close to his own level. Yamcha and Krillan were both strong in their own rights, but no one Goku knew had ever been able to match his blasts enough to send him flying as well. ~I can't wait to spar with 'Geta' again.~

Meanwhile, 'Geta' was not enjoying the new turn of events. In fact, he was storming around his larger room, tearing a pink turtleneck from a drawer, and tugging out a pair of tight blue jeans as well. ~Stupid human. Who does he think he is? How dare he humiliate me in such a manner? I am a PRINCE!~ Vegeta threw off his ripped clothing in a rage and grabbed a long white towel that was hanging beside the bed. Then he thundered down the narrow hallway towards the closed bathroom door. Grasping the handle tightly, he yanked open the door.

(in the shower...)

Goku hummed to himself as he washed his hair. All the while, his thoughts kept creeping back to the youth in the room next to his. The strangely spiked black hair, smooth looking pure skin. The muscled but also slender and delicate looking body that had moved so swiftly and gracefully in their fight. ~I wonder if his waist is really as small as it looks.~ In fact, the older teen had thoughts that perhaps 'Geta' had been wearing some kind of girdle that kept his waist so thin, like the girls at school liked to do. Turning off the water, he stepped out of the shower and smiled at himself in the mirror. Bending away from the door, he tried to retrieve a fallen hairbrush from the floor.


Vegeta prepared to scream at the other for daring to take a shower before him. After all, he was royalty and the other was just a hu... The older teenager was standing naked in the middle of the bathroom, his back facing Vegeta. And what a view it was... Shorter, wet spiked ebony hair, hard muscles beneath smooth pink flesh. The body of a God, and the ass to boot. And speaking of glorious men that could easily seduce anyone they choose, Goku just happened to have... a tail.


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