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  1. Welcome to Earth

Ch 2: The New Student

'Hey, Goku!' The young man turned towards the voice, his spiky dark mane caressing the sunbeams. 'Ah, Krillan,' he replied, smiling as his rather short friend ran up to him. The bald young boy was his age, but he really didn't look it at times. 'Are you going to spar today?' the dark eyed boy asked, hands clutching his backpack in front of his legs. 'Of course,' the question was rather silly, seeing as how Goku loved to spar. 'Hey, wait up you two!' another teen ran up, a scar glinting on his cheek. 'Yamcha,' the other two smiled as he caught up to them and started to pace next to them. 'Ready to lose today, Goku?' the taller man teased, heaving his pack over one muscular shoulder. 'No way,' Goku laughed back at him as they walked leisurely towards the high school only a block away.

The boys soon approached the gates, only to have two young women run up just before they could enter. 'Yamcha! Goku!' the two screamed, stopping inches from the three teens. 'Thanks a lot,' Krillan grumbled, knowing that the pair only had eyes for his taller friends. What was with girls and their fascination with guys taller than them? Go figure. 'Bulma,' Yamcha blushed lightly as she grabbed onto his arm and pulled her body tight against it. 'Uh, hi ChiChi,' Goku smiled kindly at the ebony haired woman in front of him. He knew she liked him, but he wasn't interested in dating at the moment. Sparing took up way too much of his time and that's how he liked it.

'Hey, did you guys hear about the new transfer student that is arriving today?' Bulma spoke up. All three boys shook their heads. 'Men, you don't know anything important,' Bulma mumbled, before glancing around to see it the coast was clear. She leaned into the circle, whispering 'I hear that he's royalty, a Prince.' 'A prince at our school?' Yamcha looked skeptical. 'It's true! The rumors also say that he's not only a prince, but an alien as well,' the blue haired woman announced. 'Alien?' everyone stared at her in shock. 'That's not unusual, there are lots of aliens here,' Krillan snorted, crossing his arms over his tiny chest. 'But an alien prince?' Yamcha thought on that one for a moment. 'What's so special about that?' as usual, Goku was completely clueless. 'Princes never go to public high school. Besides, why would he come here of all places?' ChiChi glanced around waringly. 'You're so high strung today. Do you think he'll just walk past us and hear us talking about him or something?' Yamcha commented, nose lifting in superiority. Goku blinked as a strangely high ki filled the air, pulsing on the wind.

Goku stared at the teen who was walking towards them. Spiked black hair pointing over his head, small muscles under sleek tanned skin. Letting his eyes travel over the new youth, Goku noticed that he was quite petite (but not as short as Krillan), a dark green turtleneck accenting his slim waist, flowing down into light blue jeans and bran new dove white sneakers. The boy seemed to be grumbling to himself, focused entirely on something and not even noticing the ki he was emanating. The group was still talking about the alien prince as he walked by. The youth's dark eyes shifted to them, obviously hearing their words, the frown deepening on his face. Goku stared down into the dark orbs, the young man staring back in silent challenge before continuing on his way through the gates. Goku frowned to himself, there was something strange about the youth, something he knew he had to find out.


'Ok everyone, settle down... Be seated class... sigh! SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!' the older woman glared out at her class as they quickly took their seats, sweatdrops raining over their heads. 'Good. Now, as you all know, we have a new student who just arrived today. The teacher extended a hand towards the half open door.

Goku blinked, frozen as he watched the slender petite youth slip into the classroom without a single sound. Chin held high, dark eyes cold and icy, hair spiked above his head. Muscles rippled under the smooth blue shirt as he paused a breath away from the woman and let his eyes roam the desks of students who were staring at him. Goku nearly jumped from his seat as their eyes met, and locked for a split second. A spark of fire lit in his stomach before the youth's gaze continued around the room. What was it about the new boy that seemed so intriguing?

'This is your classmate, I expect you all to help him out and not tease him about his height,' the woman continued speaking, unaware of the glare suddenly directed on her from the short youth. 'Vegeta, please find a seat and we'll continue with our lessons,' Vegeta strode down the left aisle and stood before the only unused desk in the entire class. The dark haired man from earlier was directly next to him. Vegeta nearly had a heart attack when the boy suddenly smiled at him and gave a little wave. He quickly wiped the 'Don't scare me like that, creeped out' look off his face and plopped down into his hard backed seat. This was going to be a long year.


Author’s Note: Vegeta doesn’t know that Radditz and Goku are related, he doesn’t even realize that Goku is a saiyan. What will happen when they end up rooming together in a private dorm? I’ll upload the next chapter soon, yaoi!