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Welcome to Earth

Ch 1: Arrival

The blue sky drifted aimlessly as far as the eye could see. White flecks of cloud, trees tall and strong. The crowded spaceport was crammed with many different creatures, of all species and races. Of course, it was filled mainly with humans, the creatures who's homeplanet they had arrived upon moments before. So, this is Earth.

Vegeta grumbled to himself as he stood alone on the platform. A dark blue turtleneck shirt tucked neatly into a pair of butt hugging dark pants held up with the most complex silver belt looped around his slim waist. The Prince surveyed his surroundings, his unease hidden. He didn't want to be here, not that he really had a choice. Being only 16 and the heir to the throne, his father had decided it would be safer if he went to school on another planet. Lately, they had been having trouble with a space pirate named Freeza and his band of mismatched aliens. And so, Vegeta had been shoved off onto one of the smaller, less noticed of all planets in a far off galaxy. Pitiful, Earth was simply a tourist place for any who knew where to find it. The planet itself still held life, a mixture of modern technology and nature. Yep, everything that dumbwitted aliens tourists would just eat up. Bakas.

A heavy footstep from behind alerted the youth to the presence of his bodyguard and closest friend (if you could call him that), an older saiyan by the name of Radditz. Vegeta didn't even bother glancing back, for as usual, the man practically towered over him, something the prince hated. Actually, he hated a lot of things, especially the reminder of his petite size in comparison to most of his race. He was muscular and fit, as were all saiyans, but he was also slim, with an almost delicate aura. Well, if you didn't look him in the eyes. The prince was rather intimidating with his haughty glare and royal demeanor. Even the most powerful of saiyans would know him simply by the tone of his voice, one that forbade any comments that would prove him wrong.

Vegeta continued to glare out at the spaceport, arms folded over his chest. He was most certainly going to hate this place, and even more so when he started at the new 'School' his father decided to send him to. Hurmph! He was sixteen years old, mature by Saiyan standards and already very powerful. Only the legendary Super Saiyans could have a chance at beating him (ego), and they died long before Vegeta had ever been born.

... TBC...

Author's Note: Yes, this is a yaoi fic. It will be Goku x Vegeta. It is also in an AU universe where humans have been visited by aliens and now coexist in a more peaceful society. Of course, when you have a stubborn prince shipped off to a tiny planet for his own safety (not that he believes it, of course. Just another way for his father to get rid of him for a while), and mix in Radditz's brother Kakarot who's been living on Earth with an old man and took the name Goku, and you get a whole lot of fun. Now, they just have to meet...