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Stranger Things Have Happened

Chapter 3: Kitty!

'Hey mom... what happened?' Trunks glanced around at the mess in the kitchen. 'It was this little kitty cat...' the teen looked over at his grandmother. Yes, the blond was his grandmother, even though she didn't look a day over 35. 'Mom, it was a fox. How could you mistake a creature that size for a kitten?' Bulma admonished, sighing as her mother simply smiled back at her in her annoyingly ditzy manner. 'Fox?' Trunks glanced around and his eyes locked upon the flame furred animal laying unconcious on the floor. 'What the..?!' the youth paniced and raced over, gently pulling the fox into his arms.

'Boy, did you bring that animal in here?' Trunks gulped and turned to see his father glaring, as usual. 'It was hurt. I found it by the old well in the forest and brought it here to heal... That's strange, it shouldn't be able to run yet,' the boy mused, staring down at the rather large ball of fur in his arms. 'Please take it to your room, dear. I don't want it to destroy my house,' Bulma turned back to the mess. Trunks simply nodded and stepped out of the room.

'You must be feeling better,' Trunks mused aloud, staring down at the slowly awakening fox in his arms. The animal groaned and attempted to move. 'No, don't... you'll reopen your wound,' the youth set the creature down upon his bed once more and sat down next to it. Golden eyes regarded him with a strange calmness as he fixed the bandages. 'You must be someone's pet, because you don't act like a wild animal,' Trunks smiled as the fox seemed to yelp indignantly, as if to say, I am not a pet.

~I am not a pet!~ Shippo glared at the boy, then stuffed his nose between his paws. Escape number 1 had failed. 'I'll get you some food and water,' the violet haired boy rose and walked out of the room, careful to shut the door firmly behind him. The youko sighed and simply curled up on the bed. He'd find a way out later, for now, he was tired.


Shippo flexed his legs and leapt at his prey. Snarling, he viciously attacked, chomping down upon the silken ribbon. Trunks laughed as he tugged it and sent the fox darting to the side. ~It's only been a week and he doesn't seem at all wild. I wonder if he has an owner.~ A whine drew the youth's attention. The fox cocked his head at him, ears shifting up and down. 'Gomen,' Trunks realized that he had stopped playing when the thoughts had stolen into his head.

'HEY TRUNKS!' a familiar voice bellowed from above. The violet haired teen glanced up just as his best friend, Goten, landed next to him. 'Dad and I just got back from training with Piccolo and Gohan,' the dark spiky haired teenager explained, laughing. 'Hey, that's great! How are Gohan and Piccolo doing?' the older youth questioned. 'Great! It's been two months since Gohan and Videl split up and my brother seems happy living with Piccolo,' Goten answered. 'So, it doesn't bother you at all that your older brother is dating an alien?' Trunks teased playfully. In truth, no one really cared... except maybe ChiChi, but Gohan had set her straight about that.

'Besides, he's half alien and so are we. Piccolo is a good husband...er, mate. Nameks aren't male or female, but I think they might be planning to have a kid by egg,' the other boy replied. 'That's great! Wouldn't that be so cool to see? I wonder what a kid who's quarter saiyan, quarter human and half namek would look like?' Trunks wondered aloud. 'Probably have annteni,' Goten laughed jokingly. 'And green skin,' Trunks commented.

~Alien? My Trunks is an alien?~ Ok, Shippo was shocked. Of course, that did explain why the other boy could fly. Still... the fox glanced over at his human boy. Eyes trailed over the silken violet hair as the teen brushed it gently over his smooth shoulder. The firm muscled male form hidden beneath a flowing white shirt still half unbuttoned. Not to mention the butt hugging jeans. ~Stop that, Shippo. You have a mission. You don't have time to fall in love with a hu... well, half human. Besides, he just thinks of you as his pet.~

'What's that?' Goten's voice broke through Shippo's thoughts. 'A fox, isn't he neat? I found him in the forest. He fell into an old well and I brought him here to treat his wound. Looked like a dog had taken a slash at him, or maybe a couger. He's almost healed, but it looks like he'll have a scar on his leg forever,' Trunks answered, reaching down to pet the large fox.

~Oh yes... groan... more... more...~ Shippo leaned into the touch, draping himself over the youth's thigh and resting his head on his chest. 'Pretty big for a fox,' Goten answered, reaching out as well. Shippo did nothing, he was in bliss. Two beautiful young men scratching his ears, one of whom he was so falling for.

'What's that?' Goten's voice broke the peace the youko was under. Trunks reached out and dug gently into the fur on the fox's neck, his fingers pulling out what looked to be half a marble on a chain. Unexpectedly, the action drew a snarl from said fox, making Trunks jerk back. The fox leapt off his lap and landed near the tree a distance away, turning to regard both teenagers with an angry expression. 'I don't think it wants you to touch it,' Goten whispered, blinking at the strange animal. 'I guess... but, why is he wearing a pendant?' Trunks wondered.

The fox seemed torn between running off and staying. Finally, he padded back to Trunks and sat down on his haunches in front of him. 'You said you found it, right? Maybe the little guy has an owner that put it on him,' Goten reflected aloud. 'I've thought about that, but I haven't heard anyone talking about a lost fox or seen any posters around town. Besides, he doesn't seem to want to leave,' Trunks felt a bit possessive of the animal. Golden eyes gazed back at him, filled with a strange emotion. 'Ok, that is way creepy. His eyes seem intelligent,' Goten whispered into his best friend's ear. 'He is intelligent,' Trunks admitted, reaching out for his fox.

But, his fingers stopped only inches away, as if unsure. Shippo nudged the palm with his head and stepped forwards to curl himself in the boy's lap again. 'Trunks has a boyfriend,' Goten teased, darting away as the other boy swatted at him. 'Baka,' the youth frowned, before smiling down at his fox. The youko darted up and licked him on the nose, before settling down for a good backrub.


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