Disclaimer: I do not own Inu Yasha or DBZ. Just an added note, Shippo is from the past, so he can speak an ancient demonic dialect which happens to be Japanese, and the DBZ gang cannot understand because in this they are speaking English. Will be yaoi, that means boy x boy.


Stranger Things Have Happened

Chapter 2: Waken to a New World

Shippo groaned, his entire body ached. Opening his large golden eyes, he found himself laying upon a strangely soft cloth in an equally strange place. White walls around him, a door... Kagome's room? Could it be?

'Hisss...' The fox snarled to himself, his wound aching most painfully as he struggled to lift himself from the bed. A click drew his entire focus to the doorway and he froze. Violet. It was a young boy with wavy purple hair drifting around his shoulders who walked in the door, not the dark haired Japanese teenage girl he had been expecting. Blinking once, Shippo forced himself to remain calm as the deep violet depths locked upon him. 'You're awake, that's good,' the teen made his way closer and knelt down beside the bed. The youko sucked in a breath as fingers caressed his fur gently, then winced and wimpered. 'Gomen, you must still hurt,' the boy whispered, withdrawing his fingers.

That was when Shippo realized that he had a bandage wrapped gently around his middle and part of his outside thigh. The human must have done it... but why? 'In a few days, you should heal. Until then, get some rest,' the youth stood and walked around the room, opening up a drawer. The fox just blinked once more and rested his chin on his front paws. ~I have to find Kagome.~ was his last thought before he drifted into unconciousness.

(next day)

After peering around the corner suspiciously, the youko darted quickly through the long hallway. It hadn't taken long to pick the lock on the door and let himself out, even when he was stuck in his fox form. Being still a teenager himself, Shippo was not as large as his father as of yet. ~Kagome once said that I had grown so much. I'm up to her knees, I think.~ The kit was determined to escape this maze of a house and find the girl he searched for.

'Ooooh! How cute!' a squeeky female voice caused Shippo to lose his balance as he came down the stairs, falling head over paws at the large feet of... her. 'Aren't you just the cutest kitty cat I've ever seen!' The fox groaned and shook his head, before glancing up at the woman. Short blond hair and a cheery grin, very scary. ~Wait a minute! I am not a kitty cat!~ Although he could not speak in this form, the fox snarled up at her and darted between her legs. 'Come back, kitty! I have some milk for you!'

~Doesn't she ever quit?~ Racing into the kitchen, Shippo searched frantically for a place to hide. 'Hm?' The fox's eyes caught upon a short man with spiky black hair and a glower on his face, standing next to the half open refridgerator. ~Aw man... cornered.~ The woman was in the doorway and there was no escape... his eyes darted around the small room, and lit up on the open window. Stretching back, he lept upon the table, sending dishes shattering to the ground, then bounced onto the counter.

'Vegeta, what the hell is going on?!' A blue haired young woman came barreling into the room in a long white coat. 'How the hell should I know, woman?!' the man answered back rudely. Shippo didn't pause in his attempt to escape. One more jump and he'd be... WHUMP!

Dizzy, very dizzy. Shippo realized suddenly that he had inevidebly slipped on a loose towel, crashing to the floor in a heap of fur. ~Things are not going my way.~ Three pairs of human eyes were watching him, sizing him up. The blue haired one came closer, reaching out.


'It tried to bite me!' Bulma screamed, jerking back. The red fox pushed himself painfully to rest on his front paws, but could do no more. His entire side throbbed, making his head spin and his vision waver. ~Must find... Kagome.~ The world went dark.


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