Disclaimer: I do not own Inu Yasha or DBZ. Just an added note, Shippo is from the past, so he can speak an ancient demonic dialect which happens to be Japanese, and the DBZ gang cannot understand because in this they are speaking English. Will be yaoi, that means boy x boy.


Stranger Things Have Happened

Chapter 1: First Meetings

(ancient Japan)

CRASH! The rain smashed down upon the hard earthan ground, even as a tree burst into flames. A frantic heart beat from within, the slender flame furred beast slipping through the forest. Golden eyes wide with fear, paws clawing up the sodden ground. Gliding almost gracefully despite the urgent situation, the youko darted towards safety. Behind him, huge monsterous shapes broke through the bushes, fangs howling into the darkness. Just a little more, almost there.

Lightning broke the shadows, revealing an ancient well in the middle of the clearing. The youko fox lept, paws outstretched towards his destiny. A streak of pain dashed up his side, blood streaming from a gash. One of the hunters had gotten too close, managing to send him swirling into the open abiss that was the BoneEater's Well.


Tossing his shoulderlength violet hair from his equally stunning purple eyes, Trunks ran leasurely through the forest. It felt so nice to just enjoy nature like this, but it wasn't the same as flying. Glancing around, the teenager found himself in an area he didn't know as well. ~Wait a minute, mom told me once that a shrine was here. I wonder if I can find it.~ Curiousity driven, he strolled down the ancient pathway now overflowing with roots and vines and trees. Truly an amazing place.

A spark of light caught his eye, and he turned towards what seemed to be the ruins of an old well. His ears caught a slight murmer on the wind, leading him forward. ~Wonder what that could be?~ Trunks peered down into the depths of the well, an endless darkness that was almost eternal. The glint caught his eye again, and this time... he was sure something moaned. The youth levetated down into the emptiness, only to find it really wasn't as deep as it seemed. Like an illusion of endlessness. ~What's that?~ Violet eyes traced a small shape curled up in the dirt. Reaching out gently, his fingers touched damp fur.

~An animal. It must have fallen down here. It's probably injured.~ The half saiyan kneeled closer and scooped the creature into his chest, curling his jacket around it for safety as he lifted it into the air. As fast as he could, he flew towards home. Glancing down for the first time, Trunks found himself staring at a beautiful, yet quite soaked ruby furred fox. And, it was much larger than any fox he'd ever seen before.

As if it knew he was watching, golden eyes pierced open to stare back at him. The teen was amazed, they seemed almost... human.



Author's Note: Yes, another crossover. Yes, yaoi couples! If you like that, please watch for updates!