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The Big Announcement

'Why have you come here, brother?' his voice was deep, causing a shiver to run up my spine. I glanced to the side to see that GreyWolf was now approaching Tiger of the Wind. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever, until GreyWolf smirked. 'Hello, big brother. Aren't you happy to see me?' his tone was slivery, like a snake's. I knew it, filled with hidden malice. 'It's been three years,' the other tiger stated, watching my master circle him. No, no longer my master. He will never be and has never been my master. 'Ah yes. We haven't spoken since the raid I believe. As I remember, it did not please you well enough,' they were speaking of my village.

Tiger of the Wind simply grunted and turned away, facing the entrance. 'It seems we have different opinions of battle, my brother. It is hardly worthy to attack those that cannot possibly offer resistance. Cowardly,' his words struck me with amazement. Tiger of the Wind... didn't want to attack our village?

'Hm... I wouldn't say that. Survival of the fittest, remember? Lesser creatures are only here to serve us, as food or slaves. Speaking of which... your dear little brother has brought you... a present,' they were looking at me. Might as well get this over with.

'A hare?' Tiger stared right at me, our eyes locking. What is it with this guy's eyes??! Always burning, and making me feel so... so... oh, I don't know! 'Yes, a... prize of sorts from the raid. He really is quite entertaining,' GreyWolf laughed, making my blood boil dangerously. How dare he laugh at my pain! 'I do not think he agrees,' Tiger of the Wind mused, still focused on me. I simply glared back, refusing to show my fear. 'No matter. Kato is now yours to do with as you please,' GreyWolf smirked to himself, his eyes falling upon me. Tiger glanced over his shoulder to state, 'I doubt he's a tame rabbit. What's wrong, brother? Is he too stubborn for you to handle?'

GreyWolf snarled at that, obviously insulted. But, it was true. 'I accept your gift then. I doubt he will remain this bold in my lair,' Tiger of the Wind announced with a challenge towards his younger sibling. 'We shall see, brother. We shall see,' GreyWolf smirked down at me even as I narrowed my eyes back at him. Personally, I didn't care what kind of bet these two made, I wasn't going to be part of it. And if that stupid Tiger of the Wind really thought that I'd bow down to him like a... a... kato (tame rabbit), then he had another thing coming.


GreyWolf was gone. He didn't even stay the night which was falling quite quickly here in the mountains. I could see it even from where I sat, still in chains. The tigers barely glanced at me as they went about their daily rituals as if nothing had happened. Not that I cared. If there is one thing I can't stand, it's being the center of attention. Ok, so I used to like it... back in the village. But, here... in a den of tigers... attention meant pain. I had learned that lesson well in my three years with GreyWolf.

However, it was staring out at the darkening sky, what I could see of it that is, that caught me off guard. Or, should I say, "He" caught me off-guard.

'What's your name?' the voice came out of the blue, making me jerk my head round in surprise. I soon found myself staring up at Tiger of the Wind who seemed to have materialized out of nowhere. Geesh, what is with this guy? 'I asked you a question, hare. Answer it,' the tiger growled lightly, obviously upset that I wasn't following his commands. I may have the title of a mere slave, but I wasn't going to stand being pushed around the rest of my life. No matter how short my life would be if I continued to defy my captors.

'Hare. My name is Hare,' my voice was calmer than I felt. 'I see,' the answer seemed to humor him even as he gazed out at the darkness. The chamber was silent for a long time, or at least, that's what it seemed to me. Probably only a few minutes. His voice broke the peace once again. 'Very well then, Hare,' he turned back to me, his eyes never betraying his thoughts. In the end, those eyes would be my downfall.


~What the hell?...~ Geesh, talk about scaring the crap out of a guy. One minute, we're just sitting here normally, the next he looks as if he's about to attack me. It took me a few moments to realize that Tiger wasn't going to bite me, he was loosening my chains. How... weird.

As soon as they were off, I flexed my fists a bit, my wrists still sore from the metal. 'Come on then,' Tiger growled, stalking off deeper into the cave. With a shrug, I followed. There really wasn't anywhere I could run, so why bother right now? I would escape, someday. If I really paid attention, I could figure out when and what areas would not be guarded, because it seemed like there were more tigers here than in GreyWolf's palace. Of course, Tiger of the Wind was stronger than his little brother, so the other tigers here are probably very loyal to him. And, I really don't want to get beaten up anytime soon.


'You'll be sleeping here, where I can keep an eye on you,' Tiger finally spoke again, after a long walk through the stone passageways. I glanced around the room. Talk about baron. There was only one large fur on the floor, probably his bed, and a fireplace on the other side of the room. Off to the far corner was another doorway, but there was a steady breeze blowing in from it. ~Gotta check that out later. Might be a way out.~

~Hm... GreyWolf enjoyed luxury. Compared to his palace, this place is little more than a hovel.~ 'Kinda empty, isn't it? I guess this campground type room must be your thing though,' I spoke the insult loudly enough for Tiger to hear. Golden eyes turned on me, slightly shocked at the words. They quickly turned to anger though. 'Slaves should know their place,' the tiger snarled back meeting my eyes which I knew simply taunted him back.

'Sorry, I don't take orders very well,' I answered in return. 'You'll learn to if you wish to survive,' Tiger of the Wind hissed back, snapping his white teeth right up into my face. 'Is that a threat, little tiger?' I knew my words and mocking tone would only make him angrier at me, but I couldn't help myself. There was something about this guy that just made me want to bug the hell out of him... drive him crazy.

I swear his eyes actually glow ever brighter when he's pissed off. Why do I always get myself in to these situations? But, instead of attacking me like GreyWolf would have done, Tiger simply turned away, eyes closing as he seemed to try to control his anger. 'You will stay here. Do not attempt to escape. It will only lead to your death,' he announced, before gracefully sliding out of the room.

~Well, that was... unexpected.~


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