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Tiger's Gift

I thought GreyWolf was going to kill me. I really did. I woke to find him smirking down at me, just like he had years ago by the river. I hate that look, I really do. As usual, I simply sat up and glared back at him. Defiance, he really hates that from slaves. It just gives him an excuse to hit me, not that he needs one. My head smashed back against the cold stone floor, my teeth gritted against the pain.

'Even after all these years, I still cannot break your spirit. I wonder if there really is a way to do so without killing you... Perhaps not. No matter, my little Kato. I have already decided upon your fate. Ah yes, you'll be the perfect gift for my dear big brother, Tiger of the Wind.'

His words really freaked me out. I've been hearing rumors about this 'Tiger of the Wind' ever since I came here, and let me tell you, he is not a happy camper. Even other tigers are afraid of him. I've heard that he lives in the mountains, where it is baron and rocky. He kills for sport and never takes prisoners. Tiger of the Wind is said to be cruel, even more so than GreyWolf. At least, that's what I've heard. And that's what scares me. If anyone could be worse than GreyWolf, then they are truly evil.


Walk, walk, walk... That's all we've been doing the entire afternoon. How boring. Oh well, could be worse, I suppose. They could be dragging me instead of just having me in chains. Sigh! I can see the high mountains around us, we are no longer near the forest of my youth. This place is baron, and cold... just the kind of land for a tiger of the wind.


'Lord Tiger of the Wind, your brother's party has been spotted. They will arrive within the hour.' Tiger turned and nodded to his guard, allowing the green wolf to leave. Grunting, he stood slowly from his place and crossed the room. 'So, my brother decides to visit... after three long years. Hm...'


I wonder what this Tiger guy is really like. From the rumors, he's probably huge, ten times bigger than GreyWolf. And uglier too. Maybe with a red burning mane and eyes like a cat's. Probably ten times more devious and sadistic, with giant claws that will rip me in two. Hm... GreyWolf keeps hares for slaves, but this guy... he'd probably just wanna eat me!

Calm down, Kain. This is not like you. You have to be strong. Sure, this guy is evil and all. He's a tiger, what do you expect? All tigers are cruel, probably from birth. You'll just do what you always do... stand up to this guy and stare him down. Don't show any fear. Maybe he'll just kill you and get it over with. But then... how do I avenge them? I had to find a way!

Blue, like thunder. My eyes caught on the flowing mane, dancing with white streaks of lightning. His stance was firm, dignified, like a true lord. Beneath his long royal fur, wove a slim body that surged with youth and energy. And then, his eyes. Gold, pure gold... staring down at me. I could have frozen, petrified as well as in awe of this magnificent creature. But, I didn't. I forced my eyes to harden, even as I stepped towards my fate.


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