Disclaimer: This is a yaoi, Tiger x Hare fic. With a bit of GreyWolf x Hare (mostly for torture purposes). AU fic, Genki is not in the monster world at all. Main focus on Tiger and Hare!

Reflections part 2

Ok, so what was I saying? Oh yeah, it all went black. Thank goodness too! I have no memory of anything until I washed up on shore. Ok, kinda wish I had stayed unconcious because of what happened next.

'Hm, looks like one of them survived.'

'It's probably half dead.'

'Want me to kill it, Lord GreyWolf?'

'No, I think we'll keep this one. After all, it did survive an almost impossible situation. Besides, we need more slaves and he'll make an excellent example to anyone who dares to defy me.'

'It moved, must be waking up now.'

As I came to, I heard voices. At first, I had no clue what was going on. I could feel the sun burning across my water soaked fur, hitting my closed eyelids painfully. With a groan, I forced myself to look around. I wish I had stayed unconcious. A giant gray tiger was poised in front of me, smirking down into my face. 'Well, well. The little bunny decided to wake up after all,' his deep voice sent shivers down my spine. I knew the moment our eyes met, that he was going to enjoy making the rest of my life a living hell. I also knew, that I hated him. More than I've ever hated anyone in my entire life. He was evil.

Next thing I knew, I was being led back through the forest. Damn tigers, they had my arms tied with silver chains. The entire way back to the village, I glared after GreyWolf. I think he knew I hated him. It amused him. To this day, he enjoys tormenting me. I have resisted and struggled against their dominance for years.

Yes, I said years. You see, we walked through the village, much to my displeasure. Walking down the street, past dead bodies and ash was not the way I planned to spend my afternoon. I had to struggle to keep myself from attacking GreyWolf right then and there. But, that would only get me killed, and then how would I avenge my race? No, I stayed silent and allowed myself the pleasure of burning holes into his back instead.

Soon after, if found myself in a giant fortress, GreyWolf's lair. This is where I've lived for three years. He made me a slave, treated me like some kind of object. I've been beaten up and hit around for fun. But, GreyWolf never broke my spirit, no matter how hard he tried.

Oh, he enjoyed it, at the beginning. It amused him that I defied him at every turn. I refuse to bow before him, my eyes have never revealed my fear. Instead, I glare at him until he snaps, usually resulting in a painful beating. I've gotten used to it though. Sometimes, I even get a few punches in myself, but only to the lower guards. GreyWolf is still stronger than I am, and I've never been able to defeat him. But, after three long and barely tolerable years, I think GreyWolf has grown tired of me. He is no longer amused, because I think he realizes that the only way to make me humble before him, is to kill me.

... tbc...

Author's note: Sorry that chapter was so short. I want to get started on the good part, yaoi Tiger x Hare. Don't worry, they are going to meet again in the next chapter!