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Naruto yaoi pairings.  Naruto x Sasuke, Kakashi x Iruka, and more!
WIP  means Work In Progress
Minors should not read any fics rated NC17 or R, you have been warned.


Bygones and Bylines : by twisted-sheets

A.U. Yaoi. A former member of a vigilante group, Naruto is now a hard-hitting journalist for Tsunade's newspaper. He enjoyed a normal life until Sasuke came back. Sasuke, who had betrayed him for power, Sasuke who now wanted him back at all costs. M/M


Silver Eyes : by Midnight Moon

[Drabble?] "He smells of sex, smells of sweat, and of me. God, it all feels so great. It feels so right." NejixNaru M/M. Adult.


Felines and Foxes : by Reikira

Naruto is in highschool and as always he has been the outcast, but coming to a new school Naruto has never felt so bad, even worst the most popular guy in school is out to get him. Warnings: AU, Yaoi, Yuri, Het. M/F,M/M,F/F,Lime,Lemon,Yaoi,Shonen-Ai,Yuri,


Liasons of a Castaway : by KyuubinoKitsune

The most legendary crew on the seven seas took Naruto captive after he was caught as a stowaway. Looks like life on a pirate ship really isn’t exactly what Naruto had hoped for. ItachiNarutoSasuke

Yaoi, M/M, ADULT. NC 17.


The Dog and the Fox : by Biokinetic

Kiba/Naruto yaoi, lemon. Oneshot and first attempt. M/M. Good fic, Adult, NC17.


Chasing Naruto : by AkaiTsume

AU Sasuke doesn't want to come to terms with his feelings, but when rivals show up, he has to take things into his own hands...NaruSasu M/M


The Sexy-Senshi Technique : by Polka Dot

Kakashi x Iruka. This is a funny yaoi fic. Naruto uses the Sexy-Senshi (Iruka) technique when Kakashi isn’t taken down by the girl harem technique. Kakashi is defeated… and it leads to some other things. Not lemon, but very good fic.


Initiation : by Kirei

Naruto’s about to be sworn in as Rokudaime Hokage, but he’s stressing out. Sakura can’t seem to calm him down & when she asks who can Naruto’s only reply is "Sasuke". (Present lemon for Of Sacrifices and Love) NaruSasu,M/M,Lemon,Yaoi. ADULT


Close Combat Put to a Whole New Level :

by ziggyboogydoo

What happens when Sasuke and Naruto have to train there close combat skills? (repost, sorry, look for details inside) Lemon,Yaoi. This is a very cute Sasuke x Naruto fic. NC17.


Fox’s Dream : by Mieren

Kyuubi and Naruto meet up in Naruto's dreams. Slash. Reference to rape. Kyuubi/Naruto. M/M, lemon, NC17.


Sanctuary : by GreenLady

A routine mission gone wrong, and the demon fox finds that freedom looks different than expected. Yaoi. (Kyubi/Naruto). M/M. Kyubi is the fox demon inside of Naruto. Great fic! Lemons, NC17.


Division : by Sugah

Things change for Naruto through the use of a forbidden jutsua and he loses a part of himself...and it's not so far away as he thinks. (kyubi/sasuke/naruto) NC17, lemon.


Like an Angel : by Cheryl-chan

*SHOUNEN AI* *SasuNaru* Naruto's plans for a trick on Sasuke at night melts away as the most unexpected thoughts and actions take place instead....


A Forbidden Attraction : by LemonGoddess

Haku has these lovely feelings for his Zabuza-san but does the older man feel the same way about him? These chapters are in first person. I think Zabuza is OCC in these... M/M,Lemon,Yaoi, NC17.


The Golden Rule : Moonsheen

Naruto finds himself in a comprising position. Yaoi. I'm assuming Sasuke x Naruto. I love the way she wrote this from Naruto's POV of what not to do when sparing. Suggested lemon.


Three Days : by Naruto-Yaoi

YAOI* (A Round-robin fic created by the Naruto_Yaoi Group) When Sasuke challenges Naruto to a spar with the consequence of one being the other's slave for three days; the fight ends with the most unexpected circumstance. Very funny, and yummy fic.