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All fanfics in the Monster Rancher category can be found here. 
Anyone who dislikes the pairing Tiger x Hare, should probably not read the fics.  That means yiffy, slash, furry, yaoi monsters together.  However, I enjoy writing Tiger and Hare as halflings, so they are humanoid part of the time.
Minors should not read any fics rated NC17 or R, you have been warned.

Love's Slave : by Shi Tiger
Monster Rancher AU.  Hare watches as his village burns to the ground and vows revenge on the tigers who caused such a violent massacre.  Captured by one tiger, given as a slave to another.  Is Tiger of the Wind his enemy, or...  Yaoi, Tiger x Hare eventually.  No lemons, no human forms.  Hare's POV.  AU, PG13, Yaoi
Chapters :  One  Two  Three  Four   Updated!
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A Shadow in the Light  :  A dark story about Hare. What happens when the group finds out that Hare is really a spy for Moo? Contains some Hare x Pix, Hare x Tiger yaoi.  Yaoi, AU, Romance, Angst, PG13 (for now), mentions of Rape and Violence.

Chapters:  One  Two  Three  Four  Five 


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Secret of the Guardians:  (Previously "Hare's Secret" Tiger x Hare)
Tiger will do anything to find out the secret of Hare's past, a secret Hare doesn't even know himself.  The guardians, a race of half human/half monsters, need their help.  With Genki and Hare driving group onward, will Tiger ever find out what Hare has hidden under his scarf?
AU, Romance, Adventure, PG, shounen ai/yaoi   Complete!
One   Two   Three   Four   Five   Six   Seven   Eight   Nine   Ten
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