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Crossovers have more than one series involved.  All fusion fics (ones where one series cast plays out the roles of another series), will be in the section of the main series itself.
WIP means Work in Progress
Minors should not read any fics rated NC17 or R, you have been warned.

Fallen Angel
GW x HP crossover / fusion. Yaoi / slash pairings. Harry Potter meet Draco Malfoy aka : Duo Maxwell. A blizzard brings an unexpected new guest to Hogwarts, right into Harry's arms.  Romance, PG 13 (for now)
Chapters :  One  Two  NEW
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The Haunted Spear
Haunted Junction x Ushio and Tora. Yaoi warning. When Haruto releases a spirit from the Beast Spear, he finds there is more to this violet eyed youth than he first thought.  The spirit has a secret so dark that it will take a monster to release it.
Tora x Ushio, maybe some HJ yaoi pairings.  Yaoi, Romance, Angst, PG13.
Chapters :  One  
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Stranger Things Have Happened : by Shi Tiger
Yaoi. Crossover DBZ x Inu Yasha.

Trunks finds a strange fox in the woods and brings it home, not realizing that it is actually Shippo, a kitsune from ancient Japan. Older teen Shippo in this one, and he has a very important mission to complete.  Will Shippo be able to return to his own time or will the violet haired prince steal his heart?
Chapters :  One   Two   updated!
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A Brother's Bond:  Fake x Ushio and Tora crossover.  Tora's disappeared.  Orphaned and alone, Ushio is forced to leave Japan.  Can he forget about being the Master of the Beast Spear or will his past come back to haunt him? 
Meanwhile, Ryo finds out that he has a younger half brother.  What happens when an ex demon hunter joins up with New York's most popular cops? 
PG13, Angst, Romance   Complete
One    Two   Three   Four   Five   Six   Seven   Eight  
Nine   Ten   Eleven   Twelve   Thirteen   Fourteen  
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