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Hikaru no Go

Choking on Ramen : Cheryl-chan

A very funny Akira x Hikaru fic. PG13 for now. Yaoi* Hikaru is happily eating Ramen when he's suddenly accused of choking, Akira comes to his rescue but Hikaru accidently dirties the front of his pants. What will Akira do when Hikaru insists on cleaning him up?


Hikaru’s New Look : by Inuyasha

Sai experiments with his 'mystic powers' and Hikaru's turned into a WHAT?! Yaoi. Touya Akira x Hikaru.


Kaga and the Beast : by Kal Kally

AU. yaoi. Ogata had to give one of his children to the hideous beast as compensation for the mistake that he made. Would the chosen child have the strength to bear the beast’s cruelty and capture his heart? You won’t believe who the beast is, giggle! Cute!


A Saturday Night Cocktail : by mook-moo

Yaoi threesome, WxIxH, poor Isumi, Waya loves Hikaru and wants to break up by end.


Camouflage : by Naisho

Waya gets a chance to witness an unofficial game between Touya and Shindo (Akira and Hikaru). Not yaoi, but a very good fic!


Winning Hearts : by Kiya sama (*)

A Waya x Hikaru x Akira fic. The boys are chosen as Team Japan and go to America for the finals. Hikaru realizes his feelings for Waya and Akira, but both boys are determined to win his love for themselves, challenging each other. Will Akira and Waya ever realize Hikaru loves them both, or will Hikaru be forced to chose between them?