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(Ai no Kusabi, Demon Diary, DBZ, Eerie Queerie, Gargoyles, Nightwalker, Saiyuki, Slayers, Sorcerer Hunters, Van Hellsing)

Ai No Kusabi

Cup of Desire

(Iason x Riki, Raoul x Katze), by Roo, NC17

When the wine is drugged with aphrodesiac, Iason and Katze find themselves in a losing battle. With Riki and Raoul intoxicated, neither can hide their true desires. Lemons and love! One of the best Ai No Kusabi stories on the net!

Dark Side of the Moon

(Iason x Riki), by Roo, NC17

A year after Riki was released, or thought he was released, Iason returns to collect his pet. Will Riki ever admit that he cares for his blond haired master, or will he keep his desire and love a secret once more. I love how Riki cares for Iason, but won't admit it. Lemon!

Eerie Queerie

Rewind, Rewrite

(by Yukitsu) Kanau finds Mikuni mildly disturbing because he can kill ghosts as well as dress them up in unusual clothing. But... is that all?

Demon Diary

Bleeding Hearts

(by theZwashere) When Eclipse tries to get close to Raenef, he finds something every unexpected hiding in his young lords mind. A memory he forces to the surface nearly shatters the relationship between them. Yaoi, NC17.

Dragonball Z (DBZ)

Metamorphosis Alpha

(by Goku Girl) G/V. Longer (and better) summary in the first chapter... Vegeta has a problem. It seems that he's going through the Saiya-jin Second Change, but, unlike the First Change, this hunger isn't so easily satisfied. *Incomplete* M/M.

Sibling Rivalry

(by Immicolia) This is a Krillin x Juunana-gou fic. It's actually very sweet, you get to see a soft side to the android boy, and watch Krillin acting all protective. Will Krillin ever get over his crush on Juunanagou's sister, or will it tear apart what they have together. Very sweet yaoi.

Immicolia's Fanfiction Nebula

Check out the rest of her fanfiction!


Stolen Child

(by Raihne Firehawk) Puck/Owen offers Lexington knowledge and something more. But what will happen if Goliath ever finds out? Love and lemons! I like this couple, it is just so cute!

Petshop of Horrors (PSoH)

Petshop of Horrors

Little Lion : by Cousin D

Leon needed a place to hide from dad after school and Chinatown was nearby. How was he supposed to know who he'd meet? AU. Warning for implied child abuse. This is a very good fic if you like Petshop of Horrors.

Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2

An Evening at Home : by Jenn the Ice Raptoress

A sweet Ranma x Ryoga fic. When Ryoga shows up unexpectedly, the pair spend the evening alone together. A bit of music, some dancing, and the boys finally figure out that they care about each other. Lime.



Time's Tale : by Lady Shinnite

Sanzo x Goku fic. Goku has a hunger... for Sanzo. Goku is upset and his diadem breaks, leaving Sanzo to deal with a cunning youkai Son Goku. A Son Goku who wants to know why he and the more innocent side of his personality like Sanzo. It's a good fic either way, I just wish it would be updated soon!




Skin of Stone : by Ladyglen

A great Gourry x Zelgadis fic. Zel wonders why he allows Lina and her friends to travel with him. Gourry wants to show Zel his true feelings and finds a very interesting opportunity to do so. This fic has a lot of Zel angst, but it has a good lime so far. I wish it would be updated soon!

Sorcerer Hunters


After his confrontation with the evil sorcerer, Zaha Torte; Carrot Glace finds himself changing ... but is it for better or worse? (yaoi Zaha/Carrot)


Thoughts : by Han Koorime-Kitsune

One shot, GN Crescent Moon. Mitsuru's thoughts after he ran away from Mahiru in vol. 3. Light MitsuruxAkira shounen-ai and light language.


The Chemicals Between Us : by Genkibat

Biker Mice from Mars.  An alternate take on Vinnie's history, and his time at a millitary academy. Warning: This is SLASH and has some fowl language. An interesting story, though I wish she’d finish it, sigh! Moto x Vinny, I think.


Antithesis : by Aukum

Devil and Devil. A story about how Sword and Ios' infamous rivalry began. The young Devil Sword breaks out of Heaven's prison but is stopped a young Archangel-in-Training. (WIP)


Life Lessons: by Cyblade Silver

Everything I Learned, I Learned From … This is just so funny. Not a fic, not slash, but very funny. Has Power Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Ghost Busters, and more. Great for a laugh. Go check it out!


Need for Speed :by Ellen Brand

If you love Cheetor from Beasties (Beast Wars), you’ll find this way too interesting to pass up. A few pictures and song lyrics. Cute.