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Ancient City

Running. The wind flowing past him, the ground solid beneath his feet. He had to get there. The city... the city had been there since the universe first created the guardians. It had always been perfect, beautifully tall pillars of silver and black crystal. And now... the stone gates were smashed, the pillars themselves beginning to crumble. That could only mean... that the guardians were gone.

Hare stopped at the entrance, his hands touching the stone wall that surrounded the city. Peering through the smashed up gateway, he could see the streets littered with fallen debris. Stairways were crumbling, fountains no longer spraying clear streams of water. The city had no life to it, simply a dead place without the guardians to protect it.

'There is at least, one guardian left to fight,' Hare told himself aloud, stepping into his home. 'And who would that be?' the bunny froze, the voice so familiar that it brought back more memories of pain.


'Where do you think you're going?'

'Moo is going to reward us for capturing you,'

'You won't escape this time,'

~end memories~

A giant shadow enveloped him as he turned to see the dino captain blocking the gateway. 'Look, a little bunny lost and alone. I won't hurt you, kid... if you tell us where the missing guardians are,' the scaly creature spoke. 'I don't know. And even if I did, why the hell would I tell you?' Hare answered back, getting ready to box. ~The others, some of them must have escaped.~

'Fine!' the dino attacked, his giant teeth aimed for the hare. ~Crap. Gonna have to use my powers~ 'Punch wave!' Hare cried, leaping to the side and powering up his fist. A bolt of red light shot out, hitting the dino square between the eyes. It snarled and bit at him, even as the hare leapt past. A giant beefy tail came pounding in to the center of his back, causing Hare to involuntary scream in pain as he was hit to the ground.


'What the hell are you doing here?' Genki questioned, watching the baddies. 'We've been here all along, kid. Moo wants the powers of the guardians and he's going to get them,' the large dino monster answered. 'Yeah, we just gotta find the three missing guardians and then he can take over the world,' a cocky gel smirked. 'Shut up!' the leader snarled, turning his attention back to the group.

~Three missing guardians? Who could they be?~ Holly watched as Genki and Mocchi attacked.


~That stupid hare.~ Tiger raced towards the gates, having heard the familiar scream. No doubt, he was in trouble again.


Hare pushed himself to his knees, glancing over his shoulder as the dino approached. ~I can't beat him like this. I need to... transform.~ Tasting the blood in his mouth, he tried to concentrate on the change.

The dino captain stopped, eyeing the red glowing figure before him. The brown fur became smooth pale skin, a humanoid body barely outlined in the glow. White and red robes drifted over his slim form, a crimson ribbon appearing around his waist. Several golden spiral necklaces wove around his neck and upper arms. His bare feet graced only by twin gold anklets studded with rubies. Baggy black pants could be seen covering what the robe revealed of his legs. The dino continued to stare in shock.


Tiger approached the gates, glancing through, careful not to be seen. A giant dino, probably the captain, stood transfixed by a strange glowing creature. As the red light died down, Tiger found himself staring at a young man with spiky brown hair and robes. Two long rabbit ears hung from his head, his dark eyes staring at the dino with contempt. Tiger noticed that the boy's fist began to glow blood red, as if he was gathering a ball of energy into his fist.

And then, he attacked.


Genki glanced around at the lost disks and then towards the city. 'Come on, you guys. We've got to find Hare and Tiger,' he announced, speeding off down the path on his rollarblades. The other three followed. Mocchi, as usual, was enjoying the ride sitting on his best friend's back.


Hare leapt at the dino, ready to slam him into the ground. Reaching out, he struck the monster square on the cheek, sending him flying back into the wall with a CRACK! Landing, he twirled to find the dino back on his feet with a loud ROAR! The monster raced at him, swinging his tail that the hare boy barely jumped over.

'So, you're the hare guardian. Lucky for me that you didn't die falling off the cliff. Why don't you be a good little half monster and tell me where the other two are? I'm sure you must know where the tiger guardian is and the other one,' the dino snarled, pacing forwards.

~Tiger got away.~ Hare nearly sighed in relief, before focusing on the creature stalking him. 'I don't know where they are, but they're not stupid enough to stick around here and get captured by you,' Hare charged up again. 'What a shame. Then, I guess you'll be the only gift for Moo today,' the Dino smirked. A flash of light caught Hare's eye and he half turned... only to find himself trapped in a wire net.

'Heh, heh, heh,' a pixie chuckled as she floated behind him. Hare struggled against the net, only to have it charge up and electrify him. A scream echoed through the air before he blacked out.


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