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Journey Home

Hare hummed to himself as he walked along, focused on the mountain. After a week of traveling, and fighting baddies, and arguing with Tiger... they were finally getting close. If they hurried, they would get there by sunset. 'Lets stop to rest,' Suezo complained, flopping down on the grass. 'But, we're nearly there,' Hare whined, unable to help himself. The mountain was pulling him, he had to get home.

'Just a thought, guys. How are we ever going to climb up that mountain anyway?' Holly stared up at it. It was huge, the top so high up in the clouds that you couldn't even see where it ended. ~Damn, didn't even think of that.~ 'Maybe there's a cave or something that leads to the top,' Hare spun round to stare at his lazy group. Even Tiger was curled up in the sun, apparently taking a nap. 'Guys,' Hare snarled, balling his hands into fists.

'What's your hurry? It'll be there tomorrow,' Genki yawned, lying down next to Mocchi. ~But, I have to get there tonight.~ 'If we hurry, we can get to it by the time the sun goes down. Or do you want to be stuck outside when it begins to get cold,' Hare crossed his arms over his chest, frowning at them. 'This seems awfully important to you. Are you sure you aren't leading us into a trap,' everyone turned to stare at Tiger who was now glaring at Hare.

'What the hell are you talking about?' Hare was furious. How dare that tiger even suggest he wasn't trustworthy. 'You know, I'm very curious as to what you have under that scarf of yours,' Hare's eyes widened in shock at the suggestive tone. 'Nothing,' the hare lied, glaring back.

Tiger's grin widened. 'You're lying. Prove it. Prove that you aren't the enemy.'

'Hare is our friend,' Genki stood up, raising his fist at the blue furred monster. 'Then why did he follow us instead of joining us right away? Remember, when you were all searching for him? If he wasn't planning something, then he would have just joined us back in the woods, instead of waiting to creep back into camp,' Tiger of the Wind growled.

'Is that true, Hare?' Holly's voice brought everyone looking at their friend. Hare sweatdropped at the attention, his ears sagging. 'Sort of. I just... had some stuff to think over,' he mumbled, turning away to look at the mountain. 'Hare, you can talk to us about anything,' Genki walked over and touched the monster's back. 'Thank you, Genki. But, some things are better done alone,' was the reply.

'I still want to know what's under the scarf. It could be Moo's symbol,' Tiger growled. 'Give it up!' Genki screamed back at him. ~Tiger, you really have no idea and you call me the idiot.~ 'Fine, if you must know. It's the Phoenix Tear,' Hare answered, turning to face his friends with a straight face.

Suezo started laughing, Holly simply sighed. 'Really?' Hare edged away from Genki's look of wonder. Tiger of the Wind snarled. How dare the hare try to make a fool out of him. 'Hey, I was kidding. Can't you take a joke?' Hare laughed loudly to cover his relief. 'Same old hare,' Genki shook his head, flopping back down on the ground.

'Come on, you guys. We have to leave now!' Hare insisted, personally hauling Genki and Mocchi to their feet. And with that, they were one their way again.


It was amazing. Hare could only stare up at the enormous mountain. The group was settled at the base of it, each thinking their own thoughts as they gazed up. 'Way too high. There is no way we'll ever reach the top,' Suezo got ready to turn around. 'Where there's a will, there's a way,' Hare whispered to himself, letting his hands trace the unbroken stony surface. 'But, there's no cave,' Genki searched around.

Tiger simply focused his attention on the hare. For some reason, he knew more about this place then they did. Hare didn't even notice, searching for the hidden spring that would open a doorway into the mountain. A tunnel lead straight to the top for anyone who knew where to look, and only the guardians were gifted with that secret knowledge.

The entire group jumped in surprise as a rumble filled the air. Hare stepped back and folded his arms across his chest in triumph as a black hole suddenly appeared from out of nowhere. 'Is it safe to go in?' Holly couldn't see anything, it was so dark. 'It's either that or we camp out here for the night,' Genki shrugged his shoulders at his friends. 'Don't tell me you're scared?' Hare taunted, simply trying to get them to enter. Tiger of the Wind grunted and glared sideways at the hare as he disappeared into the hole. Hare grinned and waited until the rest had entered before touching the switch again and following them, the entrance disappearing from existence.


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