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Emerald Forest

The tiger guardian's golden eyes widened as he saw the hare youth step out of the mouth of the Cave of Fire. ~He didn't. Even that hare isn't stupid enough to anger the Phoenix. Damn!~ 'Hare,' the tiger began to growl. Startled black eyes rose to meet gold as the other boy realized he was no longer alone. 'T-tiger,' the youth stuttered, forcing himself to remain calm as he approached the horned tiger guardian. Tiger opened his mouth to yell at the boy, but a shattering boom echoed through the air. Both guardians turned to see the barrier holding unsteadily against a sudden attack. ~Shit, Moo is attacking. Damn! We can't get through the barrier now.~ Tiger grabbed the other youth's hand and yanked him towards the cave. They had to find a place to hide before...

'Where do you think you're going?' a deep voice rumbled as a giant dino stepped out of the bushes in front of the pair. Both boys froze, ready to run in the other direction. Unfortunately, several other monsters encircled them from behind. Hare trembled, his long white and red robes flowing in the wind. Clenching their hands tightly together, Tiger searched for an escape route. 'Moo is going to reward us for capturing you,' the dino leader announced, stepping forward towards his prey. 'I don't think so,' a blue light shot from the tigerboy's hand as he threw his power at the dino. Hare nodded and turned, allowing his own power to pool into a red ball before shooting it at the monsters behind them. Ignoring the angry cries, the pair raced off down the path, knowing that their distraction would not hold the monsters at bay for very long. They had to escape.

'Tiger, a cliff!' the hare's voice shook the other guardian from his thoughts, causing them both to jerk to a halt right on the edge of the mountain. Behind them, Moo's monsters were approaching, leaving them nowhere to run. 'Shit,' Tiger hissed, glaring angrily with his golden eyes. 'I'm sorry, Tiger. I was just trying to get the Phoenix to help us...' Hare shut up when the other youth turned his glare on him. 'Baka. You could have been killed. And now look where we are. Shut up and think of a way out of this mess,' Tiger ordered, ignoring the youth's upset look.

Moo's monsters approached from all sides, surrounding the unfortunate pair. Hare took an involuntary step back and felt his foot touch the very edge of the cliff, rocks sliding down the slope from his movement. ~How are we ever going to get out of this one?~ Hare glanced at his partner to find the Tiger Guardian glaring at the large dino captain who simply smirked back at them.

'You won't escape this time,' the dino leader snarled, the pack drawing closer. Hare felt his partner's shift in attention. He was readying himself for a lightning attack. ~Aw, man... I wish I had more than just a puny punch wave attack. Oh well.~ He concentrated on his fist, hiding it behind his back to keep their enemies from noticing the light. 'ATTACK!' the dino commanded.

Tiger surged forward, twin horns peaking out of his mane. Lightning shot from them, sending a small section of the creatures back. Hare followed, punching with his fury strikes, fist glowing with his power. ~We're going to win.~ Hare smiled to himself and leapt at the dino leader who took a step back in surprise. The bunny boy didn't see the tail swinging at him until it smashed against his side, sending him hurling over the cliff edge. Tiger noticed, turning to help his fallen comrade.

Hare gripped the edge of the cliff with all his might, the fingers on his hand digging into the earth. 'Shit!' Tiger found himself surrounded, blocked off from the edge. The dino captain smirked down, taking in the dangling halfing creature. 'Is this ironic. You're so pathetic, Moo won't even need you puny powers,' the evil beast gloated, raising his heavy foot. Hare screamed as his fingers took the blow, loosing their grip on the dirt. 'Tiger!' was his last call, as he plunged down towards the land below.



Author's Note: I've been really putting this story off. I promise to get some more chapters up sooner. Confused yet? These last two chapters were a flashback... now back to the story.