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Chapter 22:  Reunited Adoration


‘Finally.  Moo has been defeated and our charges are safe again,’ Hare breathed, leaning back against his love’s warm firm chest.  ‘Hn…’ Tiger remained motionless behind him.  ‘Ok look.  Tender moment here.  Me and you, the sunset of red and gold hue, alone.  Any of this reaching you?’ Hare asked, slightly affronted by the other boy’s lack of interest.


‘You talk to much,’ Tiger replied, pulling the other youth back into a deep kiss to silence him.  ‘Mmmm… ok,’ Hare agreed, half turned to embrace his love back.  Suddenly, the feeling of eyes upon them made the two glance around and break apart with a jump.  ‘Oh please do continue,’ Dragon smirked, watching them with the other guardians all grouped around staring. 


‘We don’t mind!’


‘Just ignore us!’


‘We’re not here.’


‘Don’t mind us!’


‘So, are they finally a couple now?’


‘Bonded, I hear.’


‘Really.  Bonded?’




‘That’s what I hear.’


‘Shut UP!’ Tiger roared suddenly, silencing the multitude of voices that rang around them.  Hare was flushed a deep red and trying to bury himself into Tiger’s robe to avoid the stares.


‘Go away now,’ the blue haired boy snarled, wrapping his arms around HIS hare.  Several guardians chuckled at the protective gesture, but all began to wander away, glancing back at times to watch the new couple snuggle in the sunset. 


‘Tiger… are we…em…’ Hare didn’t continue, not looking up to meet the other boy’s eyes.  Tiger’s fingers touched his chin and tilted the slightly older guardian’s face so their eyes met.  ‘Would you like to bond with me?’ the Tiger Guardian asked, his voice more gentle than Hare had ever witnessed before. 


‘Yes,’ the Hare Guardian finally answered, getting over his shock.  Wrapping his arms around his love’s neck, their lips joined in a kiss as their powers and bodies joined together in the beautiful act of Bonding.


…The End…


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