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The sun lit up the beautiful morning sky, a small group packing up and ready to head on their way. 'Hurry up, guys! We've got to find that Phoenix!' Genki yelled, racing off down the path on his roller blades, with Mochi giggling on his back. Hare smiled and walked after them, only to find that Tiger was now pacing along next to him.

~He's so moody.~ An evil grin came over Hare's face, a twinkle set in his dark eyes. 'Don't even think about it,' came a dark voice from beside him. 'Think about what?' Hare laughed, sweatdropping as he grinned down at the other monster. 'You're planning something, and I know I'm not going to like it,' Tiger replied, turning his dark sapphire eyes on the bunny. 'You are paranoid, Tiger. Why would I do something to you?' Hare paced along innocently. 'Because you're an annoying idiot who enjoys getting on everyone's nerves,' with that, Tiger left the hare behind him as he quickened his pace. No one noticed the strangely sad look crossing over the bunny-boy's face before he started walking again.

~Why are you always so mean to me? I just want to keep everyone happy.~ Hare sighed to himself and shook his head. These were the only friends he had in the world, and it really did hurt to be insulted, even if they didn't realize at times that he took it so hard. Yeah, each of them had put him down at one time or another, but he had just pretended to laugh it off, letting everything whell up inside of him. They all thought he was just a playful hare, someone who always has a trick up his sleeve. But, none of them knew who he really was. Heck, he was still trying to figure it out.

A scream broke Hare from his thoughts, ripping his eyes towards the group. Suezo was guarding Holly, Golem and Mochi trying to attack the group of baddies from one side. Tiger was shooting lightning all over the place, and Genki... shit, Genki was cornered at the edge of a cliff by a vicious looking dino. Hare forgot his troubles and raced forward to save his friend.

Genki tried not to shiver as the dino came closer, long teeth snapping at him. He could see the others bravely fighting near the edge of the forest, but... the dino was getting closer and closer. Readying himself, the boy launched his body at the monster, shoving him aside as he tried to escape. A dino reached out and caught the youth by the back of his t-shirt, yanking him up into the air. Genki struggled against him, even as another set of claws enclosed around his bare throat. 'Genki!' the boy's eyes parted to see Hare racing towards them, punching at the dino. The monster just knocked the hare with his beefy tail, sending the smaller creature over the edge of the cliff with a startled cry. 'HARE!' Genki screamed, before his breath was cut off as the claws tightened.

Tiger of the Wind turned towards the sound of the cry. His golden eyes widened in shock as he watched the brown furred monster bunny fall, the boy being choked to death by a giant dino. 'Damn it!' the tiger growled to himself, launching his body at the dino and catching him off guard. Genki dropped to the ground coughing, even as Tiger fought the larger monster off. The dino seemed ridiculously strong, smashing the great Tiger of the Wind down into the dirt. The dino towered over his prey, ready to snap their necks with his jaws.


Black eyes stared up even as his body fell down towards the rushing river. The sounds of fighting grew in his long ears, overwhelming him. Even as the water closed around him, dragging him into the depths of the river, black eyes remained staring upwards, towards the friends he had left behind. ~I'm sorry, everyone. Genki, I couldn't save you. In the end, I can't even save myself. Maybe...Tiger was right. I am just a worthless creature.~ A beating sound grew louder, filling his very mind. Strangely enough, the hare could have sworn he heard Tiger cry out, even as he felt himself lose conciousness. ~Tiger... Must... save you. Save...~ Hare didn't notice the red glow from beneath his water soaked scarf. It grew brighter, filling his vision with crimson. And then, the glow disappeared, letting blackness seep in to fill his existence. The Hare was finally silent, lost in the realm between death and life.


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