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Double Quest

'And that's how you came to be sleeping under the waterfall,' Holly commented, gazing at the dragon winged teenager across from her. 'Yes,' the dragon guardian answered, nodding. 'But then, Moo still has all the other guardians captured somewhere,' Genki suddenly spoke up, causing everyone to look at him. 'Yes. That is why... we must split up,' Dragon sighed, gazing back at the child of legend.


'So, Genki is the child of legend. I guessed as much,' Hare commented as they walked along. The tiger guardian just grunted and continued to walk silently beside him. 'Geez, you're as cold as ever,' Hare grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest and focusing his attention ahead of them, as if to ignore the halfling beside him. He didn't notice Tiger glance at him before looking away, almost... confused.

'The legendary child will bring an end to the darkness that threatens our world,' Tiger's voice shattered the silence abruptly. 'Not that I don't have faith in Genki or anything, but... he's still a child. Moo is very dangerous, and he doesn't seem to realize that. Despite everything we've been through, he's still an innocent. Is it so wrong to want to... protect him?' Hare's voice became a whisper in the forest breeze.

Tiger just gazed at his companion in silence. The other boy was too busy staring down at the ground, not even paying any attention to where they were headed. 'Sometimes, I look at him and wonder how he can be so happy here. Other times, I just want to lock him away in a safe place, away from the danger. It's our fault he's here, you know,' Hare whispered.

'There is nothing that can be done about it now. It was agreed by all years ago that the chosen one must be found and brought here. I admit, I did not think the child of legend would be so... Genki. He's too wild, too trusting, too...' Tiger trailed off.

'Genki. He's just Genki. I suppose it is for the best. But, I don't understand how he could possibly have the power to defeat Moo. Even the combined powers of our people could not defeat him. I just wish...' Hare's fingers curled into fists at his sides as he looked up at the trees stretching their branches in a cover above their heads. 'What's done is done. We'll find a way... we have to,' Tiger replied, even when Hare looked at him in surprise. 'Yeah. We will,' the bunny boy smiled back.

Tiger looked away, trying not to show how the other had affected him. But, the hare guardian's smile was so... warming. It made his heart beat faster, and if he wasn't the tiger guardian and Tiger of the Wind, he might have blushed.

'Oooooh! Moon fruit!' Hare raced towards the tree, waving back at Tiger who snapped out of his thoughts instantly. Tiger watched the hareboy who was starting to climb the tree, before walking over to help him.


'Split up? What do you mean?' Holly asked, turning to the dragon guardian for an answer. The dragon boy just smiled and replied, 'I shall explain in detail once we have eaten. Ah... they're back,' the winged boy turned just in time to see the other two guardians slip out of the forest and make their way towards the group.

Hare grinned broadly and knelt, placing the red handkerchief on the ground and sweeping it open. The humans and monsters watched in astonishment as the cloth grew, various fruits appearing upon it. 'Wow!' Genki yelled as he grabbed one of the strange white apple-like fruits and took a giant bite. 'Moon fruit,' Hare smiled as he took a seat, watching the others grab for food. Golumn sat back behind everyone, having already eaten while the two were away. Rocks... yum!


'Split up?' Hare glanced over at the eldest of the guardians in confusion. 'Yes. Moo must be stopped, and this is the only way. Hare Guardian... you shall take the child of legend, Genki, to the Phoenix. The Tiger Guardian and I shall lead the rest of your group to release the captured guardians. They have been suspended in sleep, their bodies frozen in a state of hibernation since the attack. Moo built a large fortress in our counsel glade. Where once we met as equals and made the ultimate decisions, now we go to destroy and rescue our people. Hare, you will know what to do when you find the Phoenix,' Dragon announced, rising to his feet.

'Hai,' Hare agreed, staring up at the oldest of the guardians. 'Just don't mess this up,' Tiger grunted from beside him, causing the bunny boy to glare at him, his cheeks puffed out in anger. 'Still fighting,' Dragon whispered, smiling calmly at them. Both halflings flushed at the words and looked away from each other.

'We should leave now, there is much to do,' Dragon announced, turning towards the forest. 'Come on, Genki,' Hare motioned to the boy to follow him and led him to the opposite end of the clearing. Just as they were about to enter the forest, Hare stopped to look back at the other party. Dragon and Tiger led the way, the rest following them into the trees and disappearing from view.

'Don't worry, Hare. They'll be fine. Besides, Tiger is too stubborn to die,' Genki chuckled, trying to cheer his friend up. 'That he is, Genki,' Hare gave the boy a tiny smile before pushing through the bushes. Genki nodded and followed, leaving the sanctuary of Gin'iro Falls behind them.


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