A Guardian's Pain

'How come you never seem to get tired?' Suezo grumbled, hopping along behind the group. 'Guardians don't need as much rest as humans or ordinary monsters do. We certainly couldn't keep an eye on you if we slept half the day away every night,' Hare grinned over his shoulder. 'This coming from the same hare who used to snore away all night long,' Genki chuckled next to him. 'Hm? I was your normal hare back then, of course I slept all night. It's not like I knew I was a guardian,' the brown furred monster commented, crossing his arms over his chest in a huff. 'Just because you lost your memory... doesn't mean you lost your powers,' Holly whispered, touching her stone. 'True. But, I didn't know I had those powers until something triggered my memories,' Hare replied. 'What was it?' Genki asked, blinking. 'I don't know. Probably falling off the cliff and hitting the water. It was kind of like a flashback of falling from the mountain. I hate water,' Hare grumbled the last part.

'Liar. You loved swimming as a guardian,' Tiger commented loudly enough for everyone to hear him. 'How'd you know that?' Hare blinked ahead at the blue furred beast in surprise. 'Humph! Maybe my guardian told me,' Tiger grinned for a moment at the stunned group. 'Maybe he did,' Hare smiled to himself after a moment.

'Can guardians do that? Send messages to their monsters?' Genki asked. 'Sure can. How else would we be able to help our charges? We have many skills available to us, including dream walking,' the hare guardian responded. 'Dream walking?' Holly strode in front of Golem, right behind the pair. 'Yep. When monsters are asleep, guardians can visit them and send them messages in their dreams,' Hare explained calmly.

'Like memories?' Tiger's question seemed to shock the young guardian. 'Memories? I suppose we could, but... we're not exactly suppose to reveal so much to ordinary monsters. As you well know, we guardians pretty much keep to ourselves unless our help is needed. That is our job, the reason we were created. For the tiger guardian to send you memories... I'm really not sure what it means. My suggestion is to remember what you dreamed, because he wouldn't have sent those memories without a reason. And in our current situation, they might be helpful,' Hare commented.


'Have they been found?' a low voice spoke to his servant. A dark winged pixie knelt before her master and shook her head. 'We're trying, master. They have entered the labyrinth, our teams are tracking them even as we speak,' she answered, not looking up. 'I want them found. The guardian and the girl are not to be harmed. Kill the rest, they are no use to me,' Moo ordered, turning away and stepping back into the shadows. The pixie stood and exited the chamber, intent upon pleasing her master.


'So, where do you think Moo is keeping the other guardians?' Genki asked, glancing around at his friends as they walked along. 'At his palace, more than likely. They are not on the mountain,' Hare announced, keeping his steady pace forward. 'How do you know that?' Holly asked. 'Guardians have a connection with Emerald Mountain, it is where we were born... er, created. The island knows when one of us is gone, and... I can only feel three beings including myself. One is... very distant, I can't get a focus at all on who it is. The other is stronger, but seems to be weakened by something. Unfortunately, I have no way of leading us to either of them,' the hare shook his head and sighed.

'So, guardians can sense things about each other?' Genki wanted to know. 'Hai. In a way. It is a sort of bond that connects us to the mountain itself and to each other. For example, if I was killed by Moo, the others would know automatically because it would be like a piece of them had been shattered. We are siblings, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers at times. The feeling is only strengthened more with a soul bonded pair,' Hare stated. 'Brothers and sisters, huh? Sounds a bit to much like incest to me,' Suezo interrupted bluntly. Hare just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

'When two bond, it is for life, which can be for all eternity or for a single second. When one dies, the other...' Hare trailed off, looking a bit saddened. 'The other what?' Holly prodded. 'The other dies as well,' Tiger growled. Everyone stared at him in surprise. 'Hai. From the pain and loneliness. Soul bonding is very dangerous, for if the hearts are not fated for each other it can cause a lot of problems. Most prefer to take lovers at times rather than make a commitment like bonding. It's easier that way,' Hare told them.


'Hare?' a curious young voice perked from behind the rabbit monster. The chocolate furred one turned, giving the youth his full attention. 'Have you... I mean... Have you ever bonded with anyone?' Genki finally asked.

~Bonded?~ Hare felt his eyes widen, shock flowing over him like an icy river.


~Oh LORD! Is he HHHHHOT!~ The bunny eared boy let his gaze wander as he watched the youth in the pool. A sigh worked it's way to his lips as he lay engrossed with the image below him. Of course, he was hiding in a tree... for obvious reasons. If the tiger guardian knew that He of all guardians was watching him... well, it would not be pretty.

But, still... any danger was worth this risk. Chocolate brown eyes traced over long strong legs, up the curve of well shaped buttox, unfortunately mostly hidden by flowing ice blue hair. And up his eyes drifted, from a slim waist, past a nicely muscled chest... oh yes, very niiiice. A sweet curved throat, smooth pale skin and the most beautiful pair of golden eyes...

Staring right at HIM!

~Oh shit!~ Hare's mind raced, blinking as he sat up, ready to flee. ~Crap, crap, crap! Tiger is going to skin me and hang me out to dry if he catches me. SHIT! I don't have a chance of outrunning him... he can run faster than the wind itself. Oh no! He's still glaring at me... and he looks even madder than before!~

The bunny eared teen gulped, sitting nervously on his knees, suspended on the high branch. Golden eyes seemed to pierce him, making his palms sweat from the intensity. Then suddenly, the blue haired youth broke away, walking firmly down the path. The tiger guardian stopped at the edge of the secluded glade and glanced back over his shoulder. 'I hate being spied on,' his hard tone came drifting through the air like a spear through the rabbit boy's heart. And with that, Tiger walked away...


~He refused to speak to me for years after that. Tiger was so pissed off at me. What was I thinking? He's always hated me. After all... I'm no use to anyone, just a baka bunny who is always getting into trouble.~

'Hare,' a voice pulled him from his thoughts. Black eyes blinked down at the youth, his sight returning him to the present. 'No,' he stated grimly, surprising the boy. 'No?' Genki asked, tilting his head questioningly. 'I've never been bonded with anyone,' the reply was harsher than he intended, but the frown on his face never faltered. Instead, the hare monster simply turned and took the lead, leaving the others still frozen in their surprise before they ran to catch up with him.

~Why did he have to bring it up? Why? I'm not even a real guardian anymore. Everyone's captured because I couldn't help them. Tiger's alive... but for how long. I hope I don't run into him anytime soon... or I may not be able to hold my joker's mask. Why do I feel this way? Why must I be tormented by unreturned love? Oh God, Tiger... I... I... I hat... lov... I don't know!~


Author's Note: Thanks for all the reviews. I'm finally getting down to the yaoi parts, I hope. I don't want to suspend this one on too much longer, I've got two more MR yaoi fics coming up, more Tiger x Hare in the future! Keep reviewing!