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A Tiger's Dream


'Tiger. Tiger...'

Golden eyes blinked open in the harsh sunlight. Tiger pushed himself into a sitting position with his hands... hands? The former monster stared down at them, flexing his pale fingers in disbelief. His nails were sharp, like claws. 'Tiger!' a familiar voice yelled. Tiger could only stare as the figure of the hare guardian ran towards him over the meadow, bare feet dancing through the blades of emerald grass.

~Where am I? What is this place?~ 'Whew! You sure know how to avoid people when you want to,' the brown haired teen announced with an exhale of breath, sinking down beside him with a smile. 'It didn't seem to work,' Tiger found himself saying, tucking a stray piece of blue hair behind his human ear. The other boy frowned, obviously upset by the statement. Tiger wanted to take his words back, but Hare simply smiled again, the mask set in place. ~Don't hide from me.~

'Ok then, I'll go,' the bunny eared youth replied, standing and turning away. 'No,' Tiger spoke without thinking. The other youth blinked back at him in surprise. 'No, it's all right,' the blue manned boy whispered, glancing away.

'This place is boring. Wanna go swimming?' Tiger turned back to find Hare offering him a delicate hand. His own fingers reached out, hand grasping the other's tightly, as if afraid to let him go. Hare just laughed and easily pulled him to his feet. 'Come on then,' the hare guardian grinned, leading them into the forest.


'This place...' ~So familiar.~ Tiger was in awe at the natural beauty surrounding him. In the midst of that Emerald Forest, a truly peaceful and tranquil spring existed. The quiet was broken only by the sound of the hare guardian stripping by the water... Stripping?!

Golden eyes riveted on the half human figure facing away from him. The long white robe dropped to the ground, followed by the tinkling of golden bracelets and jewelry. Brown eyes suddenly gazed into his own as the other boy half turned. Wearing only a pair of tight black pants, which looked much better without that long robe covering most of them, the hare guardian was outright... cute. He couldn't help but notice the fuzzy brown tail on the other boy's lower back. So fluffy and enticing, wiggling like that... The youth suddenly flipped one of his long bunny ears over his shoulder and winked, causing the blue haired boy to blush suddenly and look away.

The hare boy just giggled lightly and there was a splash as Tiger looked up again to find him gone. The water rippled gently as he strode closer and closer, finally peeking over the edge of the pool.


Laughter rang out in the small glade as the bunny eared youth sprang back, eyes focused on the now very wet wolf boy he'd pulled into the pool. 'You know, Tiger... snicker, you really should take off those wet clothes,' Hare teased, pushing himself backwards, away from the furious teen. 'Is that so?' the answer seemed to startled the bunny boy who just blinked back. Tiger grinned to himself as he proceeded to do just that. Tossing the damp robe upon the shore, he grinned evilly at the other boy.

'Uh oh,' he heard the hare whisper under his breath, turning to swim off in the other direction. ~You can't escape from me.~ Blue and white streaked hair flowed through the water as the youth dove for his prey. The bunny didn't even know what was happening until he was yanked under the water by an invisible pair of hands.

Tiger chuckled to himself as he splashed away, leaving Hare gasping for breath and glaring at him. The other boy soon caught on to his game though, grinning like a maniac and racing after him... such a lovely memory...


~Is that what this is? A memory? Why am I... in this form? This is not my body. Not the body of... Tiger of the Wind... No, it is the image of the tiger guardian. Why do I dream of him? Why am I reliving his memories? I don't understand...~


'You're no fun, Tiger,' Hare commented, sprawled out on the grass next to him. 'This is not a game. Moo has begun his harvest of monsters. Can't you feel their pain? What kind of guardian are you?' Tiger growled angrily, furious that the other wasn't taking it seriously. 'I know all that, Tiger. But... what's the point in getting mad? Yes, I can feel their pain, their sorrow, their frustration. It's killing me inside too! Demo... if I let it get to me, Moo will win. Isn't it better, to keep up the mask of happiness... especially in times like this? There's no point in worrying about what has to be done, we should just come up with a plan and do it! Everyone's taking their bloody time,' Hare grumbled, frowning into the distance. Tiger blinked, that wasn't the response he expected. 'Unless you have an idea to contribute at the gathering today, then I suggest you keep your mouth shut,' Tiger finally hissed, hiding his feelings and turning away. He almost missed the hurt look that flashed over the other boy's face, almost...


~Where the hell did that baka disappear to?~ The meeting was over, the decision made. The other guardians were already setting up their shields, but Hare... Hare was the only one missing. ~I'd better go find him before he gets in trouble.~


~The cave. He's right there.~ 'Hare,' Tiger barked out, startling the other guardian. 'T-Tiger?' the bunny eared youth whispered in surprise.


'You're surrounded. Don't try to escape,' the Dino captain grinned, forcing them both a few steps back. Tiger clenched his fists, lightning flashing from his twin horns. 'I won't let you win,' he growled, trying not to glance at the hare-boy next to him. 'Yeah! We'll kick your butts,' Hare announced, putting on his mask of pure stubbornness. Tiger attacked...


'Tiger!' the voice cried out, even as the bunny-youth fell from the mountaintop, disappearing into the clouds below. 'Hare!' Tiger's voice rang out, even as he smashed through the enemy. 'Miss your little friend? Why don't you join him?' the Dino captain smirked as he lashed out with his tail. Tiger grunted as it hit him full force, sending his body over the edge as well...


Red eyes gleamed down at him. Tiger held onto the edge of the cliff, his claws digging into the dirt. 'Say goodnight, little tiger,' the dino grinned as he stomped down upon the guardian's unguarded hand. Tiger growled even as he fell backwards into oblivion.


~end dream~

Tiger jolted awake, only half aware that he had fallen asleep next to the pool. 'What the...? What's going on? How can this be?' His words went unanswered, his mind unable to understand why he would have dreamed such things. ~Could it be? Is this a gift from my guardian? The tiger guardian? Is he the one causing my dreams?~


Author's note: Ok, attraction set between them both as guardians. I know Tiger's a bit confused right now, but all that will change soon enough. Reviews please, tell me if you like it. For more yaoi stories, check out my other fics.